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Age is something to wear proudly, but in a home (especially a bathroom), it can make your space feel dated an impersonal. Today's sleek, inspiring bathroom trends will have you itching for an update that makes your master bath your own. Our in-house designers shared their favorite trends right now and they have us doing a double-take of our own bathrooms! Even though these may only be trendy right now, a bathroom you love is timeless and will bring you joy long after Millennial Pink is out of style. Check out these ideas and say it with us: reno anyone?"

Bathroom Trends: Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa
HydroRain 5-Setting Two-in-One Shower Head (above); Ara Two-Handle Wall Mount Channel Lavatory Faucet, Ara Floor Mount Tub Filler and Ara TempAssure 17TSeries H2Okinetic Shower (top)

The Home Spa
Designing the ultimate home spa is a goal of many homeowners and renters alike. Home spa or spa-like elements in the bathroom are modern touches reflecting our need to make our homes the ultimate oases against the backdrop of our daily lives. There is a reason why people now staycation. The easiest way to turn your bathroom into an envy-worthy spa? Start by changing your shower head. The HydroRain shower head will certainly soothe, as will any shower head with H2Okinetic technology

Bathroom Renovation Trends: Free-Standing Tubs
Pivotal Two-Handle Wall Mounted Tub Filler

Freestanding Tubs
I have two words for you: bubble baths. Freestanding bathtubs are the ultimate luxury in any bathroom. Dramatic in appearance, freestanding tubs are roomier and plusher than your average bathtub. These beautiful tubs are the ultimate showpiece and add instant flair to a bathroom—pair yours with an eye-catching tub filler. This tub trend isn’t going anywhere—any bathroom accessory that doubles as a stunning centerpiece (like the much beloved chandelier) is here to stay. 
Statement Furniture
A chic vanity isn't the only piece of furniture that belongs in your bathroom. Incorporating additional furniture into your design is a welcome detail, but only include the most significant pieces. If you have the space, a chaise lounge could work as a central design element and a place for quick respite. An elegant armoire is always appropriate for storage. Furniture can be beautiful and functional and small spaces are all about selecting pieces that master the art of both. Powder rooms are the perfect place to add this trend—a signature chair, stool or bench, scaled down in size, can be used to display a plant or as convenient storage for neatly rolled hand towels.

Bathroom Renovation Trends: Free-Standing VanitiesVero Monitor 14 Series Shower  and Vero Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet

Floating Vanities
The new bathroom vanity is much more clever at using space than the average setup. Today's floating vanities offer dimension and a custom feel. In the absence of the standard countertop, floating vanities make bathroom décor feel fresh and particularly refined. The room may even feel a bit larger. We call that a design win. 
Minimalist Cabinets Against Bold Tile
Tile is an opportunity to go wild. Whether you pick a bold print or reinvent the classic white subway tile by laying it out in an ornate pattern, pairing it with a minimalist cabinet is the on-trend way to go. The toned-down cabinet style provides an interesting juxtaposition to the ornateness of your tiling. Don’t forget to make sure your cabinet pulls add some fun to the décor as well.  

Bathroom Design Trends: Unique LightingAra Single-Handle Channel Lavatory Faucet and Ara TempAssure 17T Series H2Okinetic Shower 

Unusual Lighting
Unique lighting is a strong look this season—the more interesting the light fixture the better. Taking chances with a bold lighting shape is another way to bring important detail into one of the most visited rooms in the home. Whether you choose a chandelier or something more intricately thought provoking, creating a special focal point in the bathroom is always a good thing. This is a chance to create a space that reflects your personal style, so if your lighting taste runs toward wild or showstopping, perfect. Go for the fixture that brings you joy. Lighting also needs to be functional, so whatever design you choose, make sure you have the right light in the right places.

Bathroom Design Trends: Mixing TilesDryden TempAssure 17T Series Shower and Dryden Two-Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet

Different Tiles in One Space
A well-appointed bathroom lends itself to having many points of interest and tile is a special focal point. If you can use multiple woods and finishes in your kitchen design, why can’t you explore the same mixing and matching in your bathroom? Playing with color, texture and pattern is highly recommended.

Bathroom Design Trends: Dark Walls with White CountersZura Floor Mount Tub Filler and Zura Single-Handle Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet 

Dark-Colored Walls Paired Against White Countertops
Dramatic, intense and incredibly alluring, dark wall colors like blacks and navies are mysterious and attractive. Pair them with pristine white countertops and you have design magic. The look is fresh, cutting edge and delightfully on trend. Call this the new traditional—it’s certainly timeless. 

Bathroom Design Trends: Matte Black FixturesPivotal Single-Handle Vessel Lavatory Faucet

Matte Black Fixtures
All black everything is a mantra that works in bathroom design as well. Matte black fixtures are the “it” features of the year, adding depth and daring to a bathroom décor. The matte black finish holds its own against any tile or wall covering—for inspiration, check out this faucet and shower trim