Most people would have eyed the teal sink, turned and ran, but Bree Basham saw opportunity. Fresh off a cross-country move from Los Angeles, she and her husband, Mike, had moved to Charlotte, N.C., looking for a fixer-upper in a great neighborhood. They found their future in a ranch house that was born—and stuck—in 1951. This ranch house needed a remodel. “It was clear the house had never changed since then,” Basham says. “The bathroom was bad, but the rest of the house was equally entertaining. We got a kick out of it!”

She started a blog to chronicle the home’s journey into the 21st century. The master bathroom—teal sink and all—was at the top of the to-do list. Basham leans contemporary while Mike is drawn to midcentury touches; for this bath, the couple bridged the gap with the simple lines and clean textures she loves, and earth tones and wood elements that hearken back to the home’s roots.

Bath & Shower: Before & After

The claustrophobic shower stall wasn’t just impractical; it wasn’t relaxing. Moving the existing doorway a few feet and taking advantage of empty space behind a wall made room for a jetted tub. The shower space grew, too, and a glass enclosure keeps things airy and open. A spalike river rock floor serves as a natural element that connects to the wooden vanity and ensures the space doesn’t look too austere. Clever recessed storage inside the shower wall puts the shampoo out of immediate view.

Fixtures: Before & After

Mismatched plumbing and accessories had run their course. Now, the sink and bath faucets, showerhead and towel bars are cohesive in Delta’s chrome, ribbon-inspired Vero® collection. The two-handle sink faucets are gentle nods to the old days.

Vanity: Before & After

After axing the existing floor-to-ceiling linen closet and sit-down vanity to make room for the tub, the Bashams swapped the pedestal sink in favor of a dual-bowl vanity loaded with storage. And they were only too happy to ditch the eyesore chartreuse (chartreuse!) laminate countertop and splurge on a slab of statuary marble.

Floor: Before & After

The funky teal and custard hexagonal tile had to go. The Bashams had seen airy, white porcelain in a magazine photo and started searching for the same pure shade—a hunt that took longer than she imagined. Eventually, they stumbled on icy Porcelanosa tile, which was perfect for the floor and the shower walls, too.