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The Best of 2016: Design, Renovation and Inspiration

In the course of a year, new trends and innovations inspire thousands of homeowners to reimagine their living spaces. Plans form for kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations and new ways to use old spaces. Here’s a list of our most read, shared, saved and referred to articles from 2016.
6 Reasons to Love a Matte Black Faucet
We’ve seen matte black make an appearance on many surfaces this year, on faucets and also on seating, cutlery and cast iron.
How to Make Your Bathroom More Spa-like
Creating a luxurious space in your bathroom has been a top project in 2016, especially for homeowners on limited budgets or with limited space.
The 3 Things Every Plumber Wants You to Know
Everyone loves a fun DIY project, but some things are better left to the pros. This list provides helpful reminders from those in the know.
Photos: 7 Alternatives to Tile for Your Bathroom Walls
Trying new things has been a theme in 2016 for many homeowners eager to reimagine their spaces. Tile is a classic, but not the only option for a beautiful bathroom space.
Décor Ideas for Your Powder Room
A powder room is the perfect place to try out an exciting new look, and these designs range from monochromatic to aquatic to feminine.
Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 8 Steps
Every bathroom deserves a thorough cleaning every so often, and this list of eight steps offers a perfect plan for making things sterile and shiny.
How to Choose Bathroom Faucet Finishes
Arctic Stainless, Champagne Bronze, Brushed Nickel and more. With so many choices for faucet finishes, how do you decide?
Small Bathroom Ideas: 5 Ways to Transform a Small Space
Everyone wishes they had more space in the bathroom, but there’s a lot you can do with a smaller space if you apply strategy and thoughtful organization.
5 Reasons You’ll Love a Barrier-Free Shower
More and more homeowners are interested in universal design, and barrier-free showers provide an attractive alternative to a traditional shower or tub.
How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs
This fan-favorite DIY recipe can take your bathroom from bland to blissful with a little fizz and some essential oils.
Each new year brings exciting new trends and styles to the kitchen and bathroom spaces. What was your favorite design trend in 2016? Share your thoughts with us on social media.