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A Better Bubble Bath

In honor of National Bubble Bath Day (Jan. 8), we’re sharing our top bath-time necessities

The Right Water Temperature

Warm water is calming, higher temps can be detoxifying, and cold water is just straight scary. Practice makes perfect—find the temp that’s best for you with “research” (read: taking lots of baths). Tip: Check the temp with a floating thermometer, or better yet, opt for a Temp2O tubshower. The LED screen displays the temperature and changes color based on how hot or cold the water is.

Suds and Salts

For a true, by-the-book bubble bath, invest in actual bubbles. Pour in a couple of capfuls while the water is running, then start planning your bubble-beard design. For a more therapeutic bath, reach for Epsom salt, which can calm irritated skin and soothe sore muscles. (We always keep some on hand in summer to combat the annoyance of mosquito bites and sunburns.)  

Accessories Are Everything

Don’t let bright lights, rough towels and bath-time boredom kill your mellow vibe. Set yourself up for success by splurging on one super-plush towel or robe; turn the lights down low or opt for candlelight; and bring your favorite book or magazine with you. A glass of wine or hot tea doesn’t hurt either.

No Phones Allowed

Baths are for unplugging, even if just for 20 minutes. Plus, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of sending your smartphone swimming, would you?