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Clean Out Your Kitchen Cabinets

Consider this an intervention

You’re still hanging on to those drink umbrellas you bought for that one party you hosted two years ago. And that second blender you have just in case? It’s hogging prime kitchen cabinet real estate. To help you make those tough should-it-stay-or-should-it-go decisions, here's a list of what you should finally let go of.

1. Food that's expired or looks or smells questionable.

The "when in doubt, throw it out" mantra definitely applies here.

2. Food that hasn't expired but you've had for six months or more.

Maybe you were excited about canned wild salmon after reading an article about omega-3s, but if you haven't eaten it by now, you probably won't. Sealed, nonperishable goods in original packaging can usually be donated to a food pantry.

3. Duplicate, just-in-case items.

You received a new slow cooker (or toaster or blender) as a gift but have been holding on to the old one just in case. Sound familiar? Now is the time to let it go.

4. A cooking tool, appliance or gadget you haven't used within the last year.

With the exception of specialty items such as holiday cookie cutters or cake pans for birthdays, these can be donated if they're in good condition or trashed if not.

5. The dishes, glassware, mugs and serving pieces you despise.

Many decluttering experts believe you should only keep items that bring you joy. So if you're not feeling that free water bottle or that peacock-patterned serving bowl from your mother-in-law, kick them to the curb (yes, even if something was a gift).

6. Plastic food storage containers and lids that are missing their mates.

Where do they go? We imagine them running through fields of flowers, holding hands with lost socks. The bottom line: They’re never coming back, so put their other halves out of their misery. The same applies to kids' sippy cups that always seem to be missing a valve or a straw.