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Create a Post-Holiday Oasis in Your Home

The holiday season can hardly be classified as relaxing. Projects at work keep you focused for long hours, gift-giving is a full-contact sport and travel to see family has your mind and body in a whirlwind. Most of us operate on autopilot during what should be a festive season, not really taking a deep breath until January 1, when the chaos is (hopefully) over. Sadly, many spend the first day of the new year feeling run-down and out of sorts. Stress is real, and you need a reprieve. If you are in need of some all-around soothing, our plan for a “post-holiday oasis” will bring some Zen into your life and improve your overall well-being.
Open your windows.
This may sound like a crazy idea when the weather outside feels arctic, but fresh air breathes new life into a home. Sitting in an overheated home can feel stuffy. A few minutes is all you need to feel connected to the outdoors and refreshed. Take this idea one step further and spend some time outside (no matter the weather) each day. Refill your stash of vitamin D.
Don’t wait to spring clean.
There’s no reason you should have to suffer all winter with excess clutter. Winters are for nesting, and part of nesting is purifying your environment to make it cozy and calming. You want your home to nurture you, not feel heavy. Start your deep-cleaning projects in the winter so you aren’t stuck indoors organizing when spring weather beckons. We recommend decluttering the low-hanging fruit like closets, bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. Donate anything that doesn’t fit or no longer suits your needs. Dispose of anything stained or broken beyond repair.
Refresh the most-used items in your house.
Kitchens and bathrooms get a ton of traffic and sometimes need a refresh. Something as simple as updating the fixtures in either room can improve the look of these busy spaces. Consider technological advances when purchasing your new faucets. ShieldSpray Technology mixes a powerful cleaning stream with a water shield to make cleaning simple, precise and significantly less messy. Updating your shower head for maximum relaxation-factor is an affordable 10-minute project that can completely transform your day. H2Okinetic Technology has reinvented the shower experience. This innovation ensures warm, drenching showers that create the feeling of more water while acutally using less. We’re already picturing your Champagne Bronze shower head with the matching drawer and cabinet pulls.
Make your home more Zen.
If getting to spa isn't possible, then recreate the experience at home. The bathroom is an easy place to start—here are some of our favorite recommendations. If cozy is more your speed, anything hygge-inspired will bring much needed calm and warmth into your living environment. 

Create a home gym.
Exercising is critical to your health and well-being. Finding the time to make it a priority is difficult, especially after a busy day. Getting your daily dose of physical activity will be much easier if you set up a home gym. You don’t need a dedicated room—a small area to store hand weights, resistance bands and a yoga mat will do. Videos of cardio and weight workouts can easily be found online. Simply commit to 30 minutes of daily exercise. Any physical activity that gets your heart pumping is a good thing. Throw in some yoga for its meditative benefits. 
Commit to yourself once a day.
Feeling spread thin? Worn out from work and family obligations? We understand and encourage you to commit to something that makes you happy once a day. It could be as simple as scheduling time to read a book or finding 10 minutes to peruse the best puppy and kitten videos on YouTube.