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Decorating Your Bathroom with Multiple Mirrors

Finding the right art for your home isn’t easy—especially when it comes to your bathroom.
Because of the limited decorating space available in the bathroom, choosing artwork that meets your artistic vision and still keeps the room functional can be difficult. Too much art, and you crowd the space; too little, and it looks bare, unoriginal and boring.
So, what kind of design tools can you use to boost your bathroom’s interior space?
The answer: mirrors—not just one, but multiple mirrors that interact with the space and create inspiring design.
Not convinced yet? Here are three reasons why multiple mirrors are your best bet for enlightened bathroom décor:
Mirrors can add dimension and depth to a small powder room.
Decorating with mirrors is an easy way to visually expand a space. In a small bathroom, mirrors can open up the room and create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors not only add practicality to your bathroom, but they also create an altered perspective that shows off every corner of the room.
Multiple mirrors can create extra lighting.
A bathroom with bad lighting doesn’t do anyone good, and the most critical area for bathroom lighting is often around the mirror. Because light reflects off mirrors, incorporating more of them can increase the amount of light in bathrooms big and small.
Multiple mirrors can make an artistic statement.
It can be hard to choose bathroom décor that adds to your artistic individuality while adhering to a bathroom’s functional design. Using wall-mounted mirrors can aesthetically enhance your bathroom and keep design objects out of the way.
Combine mirrors in various shapes, sizes, textures and finishes to create your own art gallery-type array, or use mirrors that are multifunctional. Consider mirrored cabinets and vanities that keep use top of mind but also enhance a room’s aesthetic.
Not finding the type of mirrors you’d like to see in your bathroom? Create a custom mirror that works best for your space. Browse Delta Custom Reflections mirrors.