Decorative Mirrors: Bathroom Mirror Styles
Mirrors are just like homes—they come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. You want your home’s interior to tell a story, and accessories are an important element in that narrative. In reality, not every mirror will match your interior, but there is a plethora of options to match your style. Here, we’ll guide you through selecting the best decorative mirror (or mirrors!) for your home. Prepare to embrace the visual interest that unfolds with the addition of a decorative mirror.
Clean Classic
The simple lines and rich hardwoods in traditional homes look great with a variety of mirrors. Match the mirror frame to the wood in your home or stretch your design mind and incorporate mirrors framed in gold or silver. Oval and square mirrors work best in this style of home.
Contemporary Chic
The simplicity of modern, minimalist homes offers the opportunity to take chances with bold mirrors. Depending on the size of your wall, an extra-large frameless mirror could function as a piece of art, creating conversation with its size and prominence. Geometric shapes are strong contenders in this style of interior—think circles, squares and rectangles.
Global Glamour
Bohemian interiors have a worldly vibe—anything can go as long as the mirror has the same feeling as this free-spirited design style. Fabricate a mirror in an unusual shape (think teardrop or freeform), or hang a series of seemingly dissimilar mirrors to create an art wall. Framing your mirrors will tie the design together. If your interior is filled with rich tones, go for beautiful metallic finishes such as Champagne Bronze or Venetian Bronze.
Urban interiors are often an interesting mix as the landscape of the city plays like a detail in the home. City living often translates into small apartments, so think of your decorative mirror as an additional light source, reflecting sunlight from outside. Scale the mirror to fit the size of your home, but don’t skimp on detail. Think Matte Black frames or ornate wooden borders on your decorative mirror.
Old Is New
Vintage-inspired design is a beautiful free-for-all since patina is valued—items don’t need to be perfect, just interesting. Scour resale shops, online auctions and thrift stores until you find a decorative mirror that you love. Pick mirrors with similar style stories or go for styles from different decades. In this case, as in all, as long as you like the mirror, you’ve made the best choice.