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black bathroom

Small spaces are the perfect opportunity to spread your wings and get wild with design. Our favorite tiny areas to reinvent are powder rooms. With square footage already at a premium, you needn’t concern yourself with worrying whether a certain color makes the room look diminutive. Instead, you can focus on making innovative bathroom design strides that turn your half bath into the most treasured room in the house. Here are some of our tips for pushing your design efforts for your small bath past the limits and into daring, unique perfection.   

Designing small, bold bathrooms

Wild Walls: Don’t demur because of size. Go crazy with the walls. We mean it—think Behr Paint’s Carbon paint or intensely colored, wildly patterned wallpaper. We love deeply pigmented paints in shades like Tanzanite, Joyful Orange, Wizard’s Potion or Dark Cherry Mocha. When designing larger rooms, it’s easy to steer clear of bold wall coverings thinking the pattern or color may overwhelm—it can be worrisome to live with such bold strokes. Smaller spaces allow for intense paint colors or wallcoverings to bring dimension and warm texture.   

Sexy Sinks: This is a great time to dream past the standard white bowl. Sinks provide an unexpected opportunity to drive home the beauty of exploring texture. Think hammered brass, concrete, marble or glass. Diverse shapes also work well—square sinks and elevated vessels all create interesting talking points.
Fanciful Fixtures: We are completely obsessed with the Ara faucet in Matte Black. The finish is chic and unexpected, which is the perfect combination for a powder room. This faucet would be a stunner in a powder room with painted matte black walls. You could also embrace the minimalist beauty of the Tesla faucet on your sink deck. Its metallic finish and architectural prominence pairs well with almost any wall color and would be a winning duo with any wild wallcovering.
Adventurous Accessories: Ambience is just as important in the bathroom as in every other room of your home. Lighting is a major component here, so don’t just let the walls and the fixtures do all the talking. Those sconces that you thought were too busy for the hallway may be perfectly suited for your powder room (don’t forget to install a dimmer so you can set the mood). Bring in a patterned frame for the mirror or hang multiple mirrors in a display that challenges the senses. Art is always welcome in a powder room, so embrace a print or an inventive wall hanging—3-D pieces like masks, wall sculptures or weavings are all good options.