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DIY Kitchen Garden

Grow your own herbs right above your countertop by following these five steps from <i>HGTV Magazine</i>’s marketing expert Kate English.

For HGTV Magazine marketing expert Kate English, the kitchen is the heart of her home and a place where the whole family can have the "thyme" of their lives. An avid gardener, English likes to bring the outside in by growing fresh herbs indoors. "I feel a sense of pride when cooking with herbs from my kitchen garden," she says. Here, she rolls up her sleeves and shares her recipe for a beautiful kitchen garden.

1. Pick a Premium Placement

Choose a wall in your kitchen that receives ample sunlight—at least four hours a day. Review the size and shape of your wall and decide how many containers you will need. You can repurpose mailboxes, tea tins or small wooden crates.

2. Choose Your Herbs

Once you have decided on the number of containers, choose herb seed packets or grown plants. Think about what dishes you like to cook with your family and include complementary culinary herbs. English's favorites are basil, parsley and thyme.

3. Start Prepping

Drill holes in each container to provide a place for nails/screws. Measure your wall and use a pencil to mark where each container should be attached.

4. Get Your Hands Dirty

Dig in and make a HappiMess! Fill each container with potting soil and herbs. Cleanup is a breeze with Touch2O® Technology!

5. Attach & Enjoy

Affix containers to the wall with nails or screws. Now step back and enjoy your beautiful new garden!

As seen in HGTV Magazine