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DIY Mobile Iced-Tea Cart

Planning on spending some quality time outdoors this summer? A perfect patio afternoon deserves cool beverages that will revitalize you. Enhance your relaxation time by building an iced-tea cart filled with your favorite refreshments to enjoy with family and friends. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to build the perfect cart.

Reinvent the Wheel

An old bar cart or any wheeled storage will work for your iced-tea cart. Bonus points if you add a DIY paint job in metallic or bright summer colors.

Beverage Dispenser

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of glass or plastic. Get one with a spigot to make dispensing your tea easy! A classic pitcher is also a great choice.

Tea-Rific Choices

Sun tea is very easy to make (use 1 tea bag for every 5 ounces of water), especially on a sunny patio. Experiment with different blends of cold- or hot-brew tea to find one you love.

Garnish at Will

Lemon is a popular choice for tea, but try apple, lavender or berries for a colorful twist on a classic. Mint leaves are fantastic in sun tea.

Chill Out

Keep a bucket of ice nearby to prevent frequent trips to the freezer. Add tongs and you’ll be set for several hours.

Sweeten the Deal

Add simple syrup, white sugar and several sugar substitutes to suit your guests. Honey is also an excellent natural choice.

Cups and Saucers

If you’re going shabby chic, some mismatched but coordinating teacups and saucers will fit the bill. You can also opt for canning jars and striped paper straws.

Fresh Flowers

Add a few stems of fresh-cut flowers in a short vase to the cart. Citronella and marigolds will help keep mosquitos at bay.

Sweet Treat

Have something delicious to snack on in case you get peckish. These lemon-almond bars from the Southern Living test kitchen will perfectly complement your tea.