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Easy Bathroom Renovations Start with UPstile

Home improvement season is almost upon us, and if you’ve ever pondered refreshing your home’s bath but didn’t know where to start, consider updating your shower walls. The bathtub and shower are important real estate in a bathroom, so simply changing their look and feel will revitalize your space and provide major design impact. If the responsibility of a full shower renovation is a concern, don’t let your dreams of a beautiful, personalized bathroom get overrun by thoughts of complicated, time-consuming commitments—there is a simpler, customizable option.

Easy Bathroom Renovations: Shower Wall Systems
The UPstile Wall System is an easier to install, less pricey solution to an all-tile wall refresh, providing the same gorgeous look of a tiled shower wall and an opportunity to personalize. The confluence of technology and beauty makes the direct-to-stud UPstile Wall System an exciting option. This innovation offers the personalization and quality of a custom tile job. Its recessed tile channel is primed for individual customization—pick your favorite accent tile to add your special touch. Made from durable, easy-to-clean ProCrylic Material, it's not only easier to install than tile, but also to maintain, making it an especially attractive option for updating a kids’ or guest bathroom.
Do you have a Delta tub or shower? There are UPstile Wall Systems to accommodate either. Before you embark on that bathroom revamp you’ve been contemplating, take a moment to learn more about the UPstile Wall System.