Easy Bathroom Updates
When you’re looking to sell your home, even minor improvements in the bathroom can provide a healthy return on investment. Instead of adding marquee showstoppers like radiant-heat flooring, focus on revitalizing what’s already there and making small but influential additions. Maximum impact is the name of the game when you’re working within a budget and trying to catch a buyer’s eye.

Here are some project ideas for bathrooms that hit the minimal-outlay/maximum-ROI sweet spot.
Easy Bathroom Updates: New Showerhead
Ara Monitor with H2Okinetic Single-Setting Slide Bar Hand Shower (above) and Dryden Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with TempAssure 17T Series Shower (top)

Ditch the standard shower head
Installing a new shower head is an opportunity to enhance the bath’s style and function with one easy change. Buyers are looking for energy efficient and water-saving features throughout the house, according to the National Association of Home Builders Home Buyer Preferences report, so it may pay to upgrade a fixture like a shower head if yours isn’t up to date. Shower heads with multiple settings (such as shampoo rinsing, massaging and pause) bring spa-like pampering to any bathroom. A Delta shower head featuring H₂Okinetic Technology enhances the water’s velocity and results in three times the coverage of a standard shower head without using more water.* Changing a shower head is an easy DIY project that typically takes fewer than 20 minutes to complete.

Install a new faucet
Now that you have a new shower head, you’d be well-served to scrap that old sink faucet, too. As buyers tour the bathroom, it’ll be easier for them to imagine brushing their teeth and washing their faces if there is a striking new faucet. Sink faucets range in styles from classic to contemporary to transitional. And you don’t have to sacrifice looks to get the latest technological and water-saving features, such as our SpotShield finish, which helps the faucet’s finish resist spots, and Touch₂O.xt Technology, a touchless faucet feature. Pick a finish that suits the room.  

Improve lighting
The better the lighting in your bathroom, the better the room will look and function—and show to potential homebuyers. One key element is having a good balance of general lighting and task lighting. If the vanity area is dim, invest in accent lighting or sconces, which will help make shaving and putting on makeup easier. The goal is to have adequate illumination without going overboard, either with too much light or too many light sources. Before you invest in new fixtures, carefully assess what additions will make the most positive impacts on your space.

Easy Bathroom Updates: Get a New Toilet
Everly Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Replace the toilet
You know homebuyers are going to look at the toilet during their bathroom inspection. A new one with up-to-date features such as dual-flush technology and a slow-close seat can bring admiring nods. Make sure to measure your space before purchasing, so you know the new toilet will fit.

Easy Bathroom Updates: New Mirrors
Ara Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Enhance mirrors
Have a boring, unadorned, frameless, builder-grade mirror over the sink? You have two options: Replace it with one that better complements the bathroom’s décor or personalize the one you have by going the DIY route. Crafting a frame out of molding is a relatively easy project.

Swap out hardware
This is also a good time to replace hardware like handles, drawer pulls, hinges and knobs. These small details might seem trivial, but they bring out the sparkle in a well-designed bathroom.

*Coverage measured in accordance with EPA WaterSense® Specification for shower heads, March 4, 2010.