Imagine a bathroom or kitchen where the faucet and shower head are polished and gleaming. Even with some wear, they shine without excess scrubbing. To get a faucet or shower head that looks super clean, opt for one with innovation, like the SpotShield finish.
Faucets and shower heads with SpotShield technology consistently look good. The antimicrobial protection of the finish found on select Delta SpotShield faucets is embedded within the surface coating on the faucet. The technology resists water spots, fingerprints and stains since the antimicrobial protection of our SpotShield faucet finishes helps to prevent odor and stain causing bacterial and fungal growth on the surface of the faucet itself.
The SpotShield finish coordinates well with other stainless items in the kitchen and bath and comes on a variety of faucets and shower heads, so finding one to match your decor should be a breeze. You won’t know the innovation’s there, but you’ll certainly notice (the spots) if it’s not. Let’s hear it for technology that elevates your home and simplifies your tidying routine.

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