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Elevate Your Bathroom Décor

bathroom interior design

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Whether you’re renovating a powder room or starting from scratch and building the home spa or en-suite of your dreams, the perfect bathroom is found in the details. To make sure the bones of this special room are up to requirements, use our Bathroom Measurement Guide to confirm the perfect sink height, shower head level and distance from the vanity to the toilet. Once the logistics are finalized, it’s time for the fun stuff: the bathroom décor. No matter the size or style of the lavatory, we encourage you to let your creative energy run wild. 
Make It a Gallery
Art belongs in every room of the house, including the bathroom. Wallpaper or murals make for exciting visual options in a half bath, and powder rooms are a great place to hang prints, paintings or both.
But bathrooms are not the place for precious pieces of art. For full baths where steam from the shower and other humidity could affect the quality of the art, it’s best to frame your pieces and encase them behind glass to keep moisture at bay. The ideal height for hanging art is 57 inches “on center,” which means the center of your art is 57 inches from the floor (the hook for the art will be higher than that). In small spaces, adjust the height as needed so the art can be enjoyed but not bumped into. If you hang lots of smaller art pieces, consider displaying them at various levels to create an eye-catching collage.
To reach the pinnacle of "attention to detail," select frames in rich metallic shades or chic matte black to coordinate with your lavatory fixtures. 

bathroom design ideas
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The Green Party
Plants bring a welcome energy into any environment, and many excel in the bathroom. We recommend you treat the greenery as another bathroom design element, so be cautious of the type and volume of plants in one room. Orchids require little work while providing elegance. Peperomia argyreia have leaves that look like watermelon and thrive in low light. Bromeliads bring a jazzy tropical flair. Make sure you grow these species in a chic planter or pottery.

Suds Up
Having the right soap on your vanity has become a major bathroom design decision all its own. Gone are the days of just throwing a bar of cheap soap in a plastic dish for all to share. Buy liquid soaps in visually pleasing bottles, or put out your favorite dispenser and fill it with a specially scented lather.
Unused soaps make for a rich, warm detail in a bathroom when done right. Gather a collection of fancy soaps and put them in a large glass storage container on the edge of your vanity. This will only work as a design element if the soap selection is curated: Pick soaps in the same styles, size or color. If the packaging is stunning, leave it on and embrace it as another beautiful bathroom detail.
Scent and Sensibility
Bathrooms need to smell good. Visuals are great, but fragrance is everything. Candles with subtly pleasing scents provide ambiance and calm. Do not overdose a room with overwhelming air fresheners. Stick with the aromatherapy route and embrace an electric diffuser with a gentle aroma from an oil blend. When it comes to scent, less is more.
Moderate the Mess
Bathrooms are a place where people go to renew and restore; it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. You want your bathroom to be beautiful, not fussy, elegant without being stark. Keeping your bathroom clutter-free is the secret to ensuring a consistently calm vibe. We’re not saying you have to be a minimalist, but you should keep the accessories to a minimum and the countertop mostly clear.