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Fall Crafting: Make Autumn Tree Prints With These 6 Household Items

Yes, there are cleaner ways kids can make art projects inspired by autumn foliage, but colored pencils are just so … tame. For vibrant fall trees, you’ve gotta break out the paint! Load up on red, orange and yellow paint; search the kitchen and bathroom for the items below; then make a technicolor #HappiMess creating seasonal prints.

Cotton Swab

Eat your heart out, Seurat! The tip of a Q-tip does pointillism just as well as a fine brush. Be patient, and a hundred tiny dots become colorful foliage.

Drinking Straw & Toothbrush

These stunning abstract trees (pictured above) are mind-blowingly simple to replicate. First, drip a few drops of black or brown paint onto paper, then blow through a drinking straw to direct the paint into trunk-like streaks. Finally, dip a toothbrush in paint and flick or tap it to make leaves atop the branches.

Shower Pouf

Dipped in paint, your washed-up shower exfoliator creates full, leafy texture. Artsy blog Crafty Morning shows how to create a frame-worthy apple tree print.

Dish Brush

Want a different texture for your leaves? Try Crafty Morning’s other leafy tool: the dish brush from your kitchen sink.

Toilet Paper Tube

When the last square’s gone, snip the empty toilet paper tube into three sections, squeeze them into almond shapes and voilà! You have the perfect leaf shape. Dip them in colorful paint and stamp on paper to make graphic, modern trees à la Thrifty Mom.