Fall for Pot Fillers

We’ve heard the questions before: Why do I need a pot filler? Can’t I just fill up my pots at the kitchen sink and then move them to the stove? Yes, you could, but then you’d be missing out on one of the greatest accessories you can add to a kitchen. Let us take you through all the reasons why your kitchen isn’t complete without a pot filler faucet.
Having a pot filler will simplify your life. Kitchens are the hub of the home—and as such, conveniences are key. You may have a magnificent sink with the perfect Delta faucet that you use to fill pots, but wouldn’t it be quicker to fill those pots while they sit on the stove? We are nearing the season of warm, nourishing foods like pastas, soups and stews, when most people take out their giant pots to create those cold-weather family favorites. Think of all the holiday events that revolve around food. In the rush of prepping dinner or hosting a feast for visiting family, do you really want to haul a heavy, water-filled pot across the kitchen?

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It adds an elegant touch while fulfilling a vital function. Don’t worry about having an additional water source in your kitchen. Lots of people have butler’s pantries or bars near the kitchen, and many of those spaces have their own sinks even though they are close to the kitchen’s. Makes having a pot filler over your stove seem a little less weird, right? Also, plumbers, remodelers and designers are accustomed to requests for additional plumbing in or near the kitchen, so homeowners needn't worry that it's an odd request or that their pro won't have done very many of these installations.


It’s only a luxury if you don’t use it. If cooking for yourself or your family is part of your daily routine, then a pot filler is not a luxury; it's a thoughtful addition to your space that brings a lot of value into your kitchen for everyday use. We’re certain you will use it every day. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, be sure to have plumbing for a pot filler installed. It’s OK to still be undecided about the pot filler—you don’t have to include it immediately—but having the infrastructure will make adding it later that much easier.

Pot Filler Faucets
This is the added touch that makes any kitchen special. A pot filler will do more than complete the look of your kitchen—it makes your kitchen special, sets it apart from the crowd and wows your guests. Beyond timeless finishes such as stainless steel and nickel, your Delta pot filler is available in colors like Venetian Bronze, Matte Black and Champagne Bronze. Pick a color that matches your faucet for a classic combination, or get on trend and mix your metals. It’s your kitchen. The choice is yours.
Still not convinced? Check out these pot filler faucet reviews.
“This pot filler was purchased for a historic home’s custom kitchen remodel. It’s absolutely stunning in champagne bronze and is the homeowner’s favorite feature! If you have been on the fence about a pot filler, do not hesitate! This product is well worth it and will add a stunning touch to your kitchen.”—RachelT
“I love the clean look. This fits wonderfully in my kitchen."—Lilo
“My wife loves the fact that she can fill her cooking pot up with water without actually having to lug it back and forth from the stove. We fully recommend this product to anyone remodling their kitchen.”—Linger3636