Exploring the ways different faucet finishes can change the look of a room.

Dark and dramatic. Bright and classic. Small touches can drastically change the personality of a room. Unless you’ve done a kitchen or bath remodel, you’ve probably not witnessed the influence a faucet finish can have.


Study the difference between these two kitchens. On the left, the Venetian Bronze finish on the Charmaine faucet pairs well with the warm, earth-tone backsplash and marble countertop. It creates a stark contrast to the white trim and black sink. 

On the right, the same sink in Brilliance Stainless creates a cool palette when paired with a white countertop and dark stone wall. This look might be more appealing to potential homebuyers, as it gives the impression of a blank slate they can personalize.


Your faucet’s finish can also make a big impression in the bathroom. Consider the difference between the Addison faucet in Champagne Bronze (left) and chrome (right). Aiming for distinction is a great way to make a bold statement, like the way the Champagne Bronze provides a vibrant pop off the warm neutrals of its surroundings. It demands attention and stands out as the centerpiece of the sink.

If you prefer something more traditional, you can’t get a look more established than a chrome faucet for the bathroom sink. This time, the Addison faucet shares the same smooth surface as the sink and the vertical subway tiles that surround it. The single-hole faucet updates the look with modern simplicity.


Now it’s your turn! Take a look around your kitchen and bath and consider what styles you like best. What mood do you want to evoke? Do you want an attention-grabbing showpiece that demands to be noticed, or a more traditional finish that blends into the background to create a cohesive look? Whatever you choose for your kitchen or bath, there are a variety of finishes, so you’re sure to find something that you’ll love seeing every day.