Unveiled during National Design Week, the concept aims to change the way we experience water.

Delta Avvalo Concept Faucet
Technology is changing virtually every aspect of our lives, including the water we use in our homes every day.

With this in mind, Delta industrial designers developed their latest conceptual design, inspired by “The Senses: Design Beyond Vision” exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in celebration of National Design Week.

Designers try the Avvalo Concept Faucet
Designers Dabito (above, left) of Old Brand New and Emma Chapman (right) of A Beautiful Mess experience Delta Avvalo for the first time at Cooper Hewitt, where the Delta industrial design team and designer Bobby Berk (top) unveiled the concept.

The conceptual design, Delta Avvalo, embodies the softness and fluidity of water as an art form and invigorates the senses through sight, touch and sound.

“Avvalo is completely upside down from what you would expect when you go into a bathroom now,” Seth Fritz, Delta senior lead industrial designer, said during the unveiling. Rather than a traditional faucet, sink and vanity, Avvalo delivers water through a continuation of sweeping shapes that are reminiscent of draped cloth.

Industrial Designer Tony Spangler discusses the Avvalo faucet
Tony Spangler and others on the Delta design team usher Avvalo from idea to illustration to execution.

“The name Avvalo,” Fritz said, “is a play on an Italian word meaning ‘to wrap’ or ‘to drape.’” It was inspired by the Renaissance art observed by the Delta design team during a trip to Milan Design Week. Both functional and emotional, the concept allows us to further explore the endless possibilities of how we interact with water.

Avvalo is covered in a self-cleaning, hydrophobic (water-repelling) cloth to keep it from getting wet or ruined. Users can turn the water on and off with a simple touch and change the temperature with a hand gesture.

Although Delta Avvalo won’t be manufactured or sold, the process of creating a concept design pushes the boundaries of what is possible and throws open the doors to innovation.

By collaborating on projects like this, Fritz explained, the Delta industrial designers are free to let their creative minds wander outside the parameters of everyday work. “What I love most,” he said, “is that there is always the question, ‘What if?’”

Delta Avvalo Concept Faucet

“What if you could change the flow of water to create different sounds? What if you could grab that material and pull it, tweak it and push it into shapes to fold and define its performance? What if you could modify it to adapt to your height as a person? Or your family members? Or as your life stages change? What if that material was self-healing and self-motivated? What if it could grow, clean or replace itself? What if your water concept became an interactive part of your life?”

Rooted in a passion for design and technology, the Delta brand is taking the traditional faucet a step further, to marry both form and function seamlessly in the kitchen and bath.

Avvalo is the second concept the Delta industrial design team has unveiled at Cooper Hewitt. 2017 saw the debut of the Sphere Concept Faucet, a water-saving, moonlike orb.