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Matte black faucet in white kitchen

Matte black is making its mark in the modern kitchen. Smooth, slick and awesomely onyx, the finish has the cool seriousness of metallic steel but with a little less reflectiveness and a little more boldness. On a faucet—one that leans contemporary, like Trinsic, or one with a modern and traditional mix, like Essa—the finish almost begs to be touched, and it adds some unexpected visual interest to the sink. Here are six reasons to have a matte black kitchen faucet in your home:


Matte black pot filler mounted on charcoal ribbon backsplash
1. A matte black faucet highlights charcoal ribbons in a tile backsplash
Matte black kitchen faucet on white granite countertop
2. A matte black faucet starkly contrasts a light backsplash and counter
Matte black bar faucet against stone backsplash
3. A matte black faucet makes a hard stone backsplash look even tougher (while adding a little curve)
Matte black pull-down kitchen faucet against geometric wall design
4. A matte black faucet confidently breaks up a repeating geometric pattern
Gray subway tile kitchen with matte black pull-down faucet
5. A matte black faucet creates a focal point in a busy kitchen
Curvy kitchen wall design and matte black pull-down faucet
6. A matte black faucet emphasizes a bold backsplash



Matte black faucet in white kitchen