The industrial look at home is out. It’s being replaced by much prettier, versatile—dare we say “hip”—options thanks to growing awareness and importance of Universal Design, UD for short.

With the goal of meeting as many needs as possible without forfeiting elegance or independence, adding UD products into your next bath project just makes sense, both now and for the future of all your clients, ages 6 to 65 and beyond.

So, let’s get right to some options—and most importantly how they can help your customers. 

How Low Can You Go

Although a popular question at backyard BBQs involving a limbo stick, it doesn’t come up as often when discussing a bathroom remodel. However, it should be. When chatting about bathroom design with clients, the answer to how low is very low. Designed to minimize any tripping hazard, no-threshold showers remove the need to “step up” into the shower, so users can walk, or roll, right in.

Go Ahead, Get Grabby

In the simplest of terms, grab bars help maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing and assist when needing to stand up. Luckily for you and your customers, ADA-compliant grab bars, such as those from Delta Faucet, have come a long way in terms of style and design. Today’s grab bars marry assistance with aesthetically pleasing options that seamlessly fit into any bathroom design.

In addition, Delta Faucet’s Decor Assist™ Collection of towel bars, pivoting tissue holders and corner shelves combine stylish form and functionality specific to the bath. The collection offers your customers grab-bar assistance in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. A win-win-win for you and your customers’ desired designs.  

Raise The Seat, Not the Roof

Standard toilet seats are approximately 15 inches off the ground, which work for a majority of people, but there’s a more comfortable option. Becoming more and more common are “comfort height” toilets that are 17 inches off the ground and are much easier to get up from. While chatting about ideal commodes for their specific bathroom project, mention the option of slow-close lids as well. It will save your customers ears and any little fingers from getting pinched by the slamming lid.

In the Palm of the Hand

Want to talk versatility? Let’s chat about a hand-held shower option that targets homeowners seeking control and durability, as well as a way to simplify the shower experience. Ergonomically designed, the Palm® Shower by Delta Faucet provides a simple, one-handed operation that puts your customer (of any age) in control. With a simple, one-handed click of the selection button, your customer can easily switch between the shower’s four spray settings—Full Body Spray, Fast Massage, Full Body Spray with Massage and Pause.

Bottom line: Universal design is the connection between products and humanity. These products help more people function more easily in their homes—preserving a sense of self-sufficiency without sacrificing style.