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H2Okinetic Technology: A Water-Efficient Showerhead that Feels Luxurious

You don’t have to sacrifice the planet for water pressure. Here’s why this amazing innovation satisfies both body and soul

What is it?

H2Okinetic Technology is a showerhead system that controls the movement and droplet size of water and turns your daily scrub-down into a spa experience. Fluffy robe and refreshing ginger-infused drink not included.

How does it work?

Unlike a standard showerhead that sends a steady stream of water through many tiny holes via a jet nozzle, an H2Okinetic showerhead sends a dense oscillating spray of larger water droplets through fewer holes. If you see it in slo-mo, it looks like a wave. Its internal system controls the speed, movement and droplet size to create the feeling of more water than a standard shower flowing at the same rate.

So less is more?

Absolutely. And because larger droplets retain heat better and offer more intense water coverage, you’ll feel like you’re being enveloped by a warm (wet) blanket. But this innovative showerhead actually uses less water than most standard models.

Wait, does that mean it's water-efficient?

Yes, it is—you’re welcome, Mother Nature—but because the droplets are constantly moving back and forth, it actually feels like there’s more water coming out of the showerhead. Which means you can have a drenching good time without compromising the planet or encountering the most vexing annoyance of the bathroom world—the terrible trickle.

How did people live without H2Okinetic?

Before introducing H2Okinetic Technology in 2005, inventor Paul Patton studied consumers’ showering habits. The shocker: Some people were rinsing their hair with large drink cups filled with water because of their home’s low water pressure. Since a showerhead doesn’t control pressure—your local water company does—a light bulb went off in Patton’s head: Design a showerhead that’s water-efficient yet offers speedy water delivery. Needless to say, his invention created quite the splash.