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Halloween Party Ideas for a Spooktacular Celebration

Hosting a Halloween party requires a bit more planning than a typical soiree, but with a few supplies and some fun ideas, you can create a memorable event for your little ghouls and goblins. Take some time to think about refreshments, snacks and party favors to keep everyone thrilled and delighted. Here are some fun recipes and activities to prepare for your guests that will have them talking about your party for years to come.
Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups
For the kids who love to play in the dirt and also love a chocolate snack, this will be a winner. All you need is a box of instant chocolate pudding, some Oreo cookies, pumpkin candies, green Sour Punch straws and small clear plastic cups. Pulse the Oreos in a food processor until they are crumbled. Layer the cookies and pudding in a clear cup and top with the pumpkins and straw candy for vines. Give your kids a spoon and let them dig in to these messy fun treats!
Bug Juice Punch
In a large fishbowl, pour two parts ginger ale, one part lime Kool Aid, one part clear soda and ice. The punch will be fizzy and green. Add in some large plastic insects (flies, roaches, etc.), which you can find in the toy section of discount retailers or a dollar store. Create a label for the bowl that says “bug juice” and add a ladle.
Chips and Jack-o-Lantern Dips
If you plan to serve guacamole or spinach dip at your party, don’t just serve it straight out of the container or in a regular bowl. Take a pumpkin small enough to fit on a long serving platter, gut it and cut it like a jack-o-lantern. Be sure to make the mouth wide and forgo any bottom teeth. Spoon your dip onto the plate and into the pumpkin so it’s coming out of the mouth; your kids will love this gross and creative surprise.

toilet-roll-candy-popper.jpgMini Mummy Party Favor
To keep the fun going even after the kids have gone home, treat your guests to a party favor that also serves as a great way to reuse leftover toilet paper rolls. Save up some cardboard toilet paper rolls (or cut paper towel rolls in half). Cover the top of the roll with a white crepe paper streamer and then stuff the roll with small party favors, like plastic bugs, costume jewelry, candy or other trinkets (glow in the dark stickers are always a favorite). Diagonally wrap each roll in a white crepe paper streamer and add two little googly eyes about an inch from the top. Make a small tag marked with “Happy Halloween” and string it across the bottom of the roll with baker’s twine. Then cover the twine and end of the tube with the white crepe paper streamer, leaving the remaining string and tag uncovered. When the kids pull the tag, their prizes will fall out of the mummy!
This Halloween, celebrate the silly, mysterious and fun messes you can make in your kitchen. Set up a caramel apple bar, create a spooky soundtrack and let the party begin! Share your ideas for party décor and delicious treats with us on Facebook!