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Have You Met the Delta Water Leak Detector?

Delta Water Leak Sensor

The Delta Water Leak Detector


Small spaces often hide big, costly surprises. This is especially true in the home, where little water leaks can lead to big trouble. Leaks can happen anywhere—so should leak detection. Leaks are a reality in any home, and even the most conscientious homeowners can’t protect every corner of their treasured investment—until now, with the Delta Water Leak Detector.

The Delta Water Leak Detector is an extra level of insurance for your home. This sleek, minimal water sensor detects both dripping and pooling water. The device sets up in mere minutes—simply connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network and download the monitoring app, powered by iDevices. The Delta Water Leak Detector will send a notification to your smartphone when it detects even small amounts of water. Should your Wi-Fi network be unavailable, the device will send you a text.

water detection sensor

This latest Delta innovation is designed to be placed anywhere—no hub required. Versatility makes the Delta Water Leak Detector the ultimate home guardian. Tuck it under water heaters, sump pumps or sinks, behind appliances, inside cabinets or throughout attics, basements and garages.

Finding a leak early can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and hours of cleanup. Delta brand’s latest technology will bring you additional peace of mind. The Delta Water Leak Detector is always on alert, ready to notify you before leaks become a problem. Go live your best life knowing the Delta Water Leak Detector has your back.