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The Hidden Costs of Remodeling

You’ve lined up a credible contractor, selected the fixtures for your dream remodel and arranged to use your neighbor’s shower for a couple of days. Check, check, check! Every expense has been itemized down to the last dollar, and your “Plan A” has a version B and C. You’ve thought of everything! Right?

Chances are, a few unanticipated expenses will pop up during your remodel. Go ahead and add them to your list before you get started; you’ll be glad to have the buffer funds if you need them.

Wishy Washy

If your laundry room is part of your remodel, you’d be wise to grab a few rolls of quarters and map out the closest laundry service. You could also have things dry cleaned, but it might be easier to just tote your clothes to the home of a relative or friend, depending on how long your washer/dryer will be unavailable. Either way, plan on budgeting some money for a thank-you gift or the cost of a few cycles at the laundromat. 

Take Out Time

When your kitchen is out of commission, you’ll need to budget for restaurants or takeout food. It might seem trivial, but you’ve got to eat, and all those trips to get lo mein and pizza can really add up. Consider how much an average meal out costs your family and then multiply by the number of days you’ll be unable to cook anything but noodles on a hot plate. 

Room Service

Depending on how drastic your remodel will be, you might need to stay at a hotel for a few nights or even a few weeks. Hotel fees can dramatically affect your project cost, so have a nearby B&B or hotel already sourced (and throw some dough into a room-service fund) if there’s a chance you’ll need it. It’s not glamorous, but it certainly beats camping in your yard at the last minute!

Permission Granted

Adding a new room onto a home or expanding your home’s footprint means that it’s time to update your insurance. Your original policy probably doesn’t cover your new sun porch or master bath, so be sure to include these costs in your budget. Check with your local government office to see what permit you might need before breaking ground. Doing so is much cheaper than the fines you’ll have to pay if your illegal sauna is noticed by the city council.