A breakdown of styles for your home

Choosing a cohesive design for your home is more than just picking out drapes and lamps. It’s also a great way to express your personal taste. The type of environment you create through colors, patterns, fixtures and other elements will influence the mood of anyone who enters your space. There are many types from which to choose, but a wise approach is to consider where your personal taste fits among these major themes. Just remember; these aren’t the only styles, and the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your home! Feel free to create a space that speaks to your personal sense of style and suits your tastes.  


Leland Kitchen Faucet in Venetian Bronze
Leland Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet and Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet in Venetian Bronze

One of the most popular types of home décor is the traditional style, which creates an elegant yet comfortable space for living. In a traditional space, you’ll find warm, rich, inviting colors that create lived-in comfort. Patterns and smooth shapes are meant to create a cozy, calming environment. 

Cassidy Two-Handle Widespread faucet
Cassidy Two-Handle Widespread Lavatory faucet and Roman Tub Trim in Stainless

Easy to emulate, traditional settings can include many of the items you already own. Update your space by adding a few natural wood and warm finishes and hardware. Traditional styling will appeal to you if you have an interest in classic, Old World design and crave simple luxury and order. 


Addison Single-Handle Pull-Down Faucet
Addison Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology, Addison Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet with Touch2O Technology and Contemporary Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet in Chrome

Somewhere between traditional and contemporary, you’ll find transitional. Also referred to as updated classic or “classic with a contemporary twist,” this style is easy to personalize by blending elements from different eras. The lines of transitional design are sophisticated yet simple, evoking a clean, calm atmosphere. 

Lahara Roman Tub Trim
Lahara Roman Tub Trim in Stainless and Lahara Two-Handle Widespread Lavatory faucet in Chrome

To create this look, stick to clean, neutral colors on your walls to allow your furniture, wood and fabric elements to become the focal point of the room. Classic stainless steel or black fixtures work well in this setting, providing a fashionable feel. To keep the coziness of traditional design, consider adding plush furniture and dark finishes on wood. 


Trinsic Single-Handle Faucet
Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet and Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet in Arctic Stainless

The most modern of these three broad categories is contemporary—a blend of elements from the latter half of the 20th century. If you love a good statement piece, you can add contemporary style to your home with a bright wall, colorful painting or striking area rug. Just remember—the credo of contemporary style is “less is more.” 

Tesla Single-Handle Vessel Lavatory Faucet
Tesla custom shower with Tesla Single-Handle Vessel Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O Technology, Tesla Floor Mount Tub Filler with Hand Shower, Tesla TempAssure 17T Series H2Okinetic Shower Trim, all in Chrome

Pulling from modern aesthetics, contemporary designs often feature man-made materials and minimal decoration. You’ll often find stainless steel, glass, concrete and chrome, as well as lacquered surfaces, including appliances. 

In contemporary style, a calm environment is created through the use of open space, crisp lines and simple shapes. Functionality is highly prized in contemporary aesthetics, although items like cabinet hinges are typically concealed to create uninterrupted surfaces. 

Whether you choose traditional, transitional or contemporary design themes for your home, there is considerable latitude among these terms. Elements of each can be incorporated from room to room, and it’s important to consider the purpose and function of each space when choosing. Your home is your castle, so put some thought (and joy!) into how you choose to furnish and decorate your space.