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Whether your baby birds are beginning to leave the nest, you’re nearing retirement or you're just looking for a cozier space and are ready to downsize your home, moving into a smaller space can seem daunting. 

You probably don’t need all of the appliances you once did, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Owning less and being able to craft the home that works just for you can be a fun adventure. If you’re downsizing, here are ways to make the most of a smaller space. If you’re staying put, we’ve got tips to make your home your own again.

In the Kitchen

It’s easy to accumulate multiples over the years, but really—how many times will you need more than one spatula? Take an inventory of your utensils, spoons, roasting pans, platters and other gadgets. Keep your favorites and donate the rest (or send them packing to your kiddo’s dorm or new home). Chances are, you need the space more than you need that fifth mixing bowl.
Be thoughtful about where you store things, especially if you’re moving to a smaller kitchen. Take advantage of vertical spaces, and consider a wall-mounted pot rack to free up space in your cupboards. You can also free up precious counter space and enjoy the ease of hands-free technology by installing a Touch2O.xt soap/lotion dispenser to match your faucet.
When was the last time you used Grandma’s china? Even if you’re not ready to part with a beloved pattern, find ways to incorporate it as décor instead of hiding it in the hutch. Pull out a place setting and create wall art that will make you smile when you see it (and won’t take up any storage space).

In the Bath

If you’re moving from a home with multiple bathrooms to a space with a single bathroom, consider how much less cleaning you’ll have to do. Evaluate which products you’ll really need, and then create a caddy of your favorites. Keep it under the sink for easy access, and revel in having only one toilet to clean.
You’ve probably accumulated an army’s worth of towels and linens of various sizes. Downsizing is a great time to donate mismatched or old linens and treat yourself to some plush bath and hand towels. Go ahead—pick out a solid color or a print that doesn’t involve a cartoon character.
Tackle that medicine cabinet. Many communities offer a drop-off spot for expired or unwanted medications, so remove them from your space. Add shelves to store your tallest items and make use of vertical space. Pretty glass jars are perfect for storing items that come in bulk (cotton swabs, balls and pads). It’ll be much easier to keep tidy with fewer items; especially important if guests will use your bathroom.