With every new season comes a chance to spruce up your home and make it cleaner, brighter and more comfortable. A fresh coat of paint and a little attention to a neglected area can make a huge difference in the enjoyment you get from your space. Some projects make more sense in the rainy season, and others are best tackled as preventive measures before winter weather. Before you take on your next big home project, consider which season is optimal for those updates.

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Spring Cleaning

  • Create a mud cleanup station for the rainy season, and don’t forget a dog washing zone for Fido including a Palm Shower for easy rinsing.
  • Organize your kitchen cleaning supplies under your sink by hanging bottles on a tension rod for maximum efficiency of space.
  • Take advantage of sweet spring breezes by opening the windows while you deep-clean your bathroom.
  • Let more sun into your kitchen and bathroom by installing lighter window coverings.

Summer Celebrating

  • Build a DIY mobile iced-tea cart to enjoy on the patio all summer long.
  • Start any outdoor large-scale projects, like building a deck or pergola, while the ground is dry and the weather is warm enough to work outside.
  • Set up a prep area for outdoor cooking and grilling season, and add a faucet with Touch2O Technology to keep your kitchen cleaner.
  • Get ready for summer guests by giving your guest bath a mini-makeover with new hardware accessories (drawer pulls, towel bars and toilet paper holders).

Autumn Prepping

  • Tackle any yearly indoor maintenance projects to improve airflow efficiency by cleaning your dryer vent, behind the fridge and replacing air filters.
  • Keep gutters clear of leaves to allow water drainage to avoid problems down the road.
  • Winterize for energy efficiency—insulation (storm windows, chimney, doorways with weather stripping).
  • Turn your wet bar into a hot beverage station with a new beverage faucet to make hot chocolate and cider accessible to guests. 

Winter Warming

  • Make your holiday guests feel more welcome by adding thoughtful touches like fresh flowers and even a few supplies (like travel-sized shampoo and conditioner) to make them feel more at home.
  • Upgrade to a kitchen faucet with Touch2O Technology and SpotShield before your holiday baking begins and make cleanup a cinch. Bonus: more family time, and less cleaning.
  • Plant an indoor herb garden near your kitchen window that will keep you in fresh supply of basil, rosemary and oregano until spring. Upgrade your sink with MagnaTite Docking so your pull-down faucet stays in place when you’re finished watering.
  • Create a hot-bath haven as a respite from the cold with an H2Okinetic hand shower for a warmer rinse after you soak in the tub.

Having a plan for your seasonal updates is essential to avoid obvious blunders like painting your garage door during the rainy season or trying to break ground when it’s snowing. Ponder the perks and drawbacks of each type of weather to make the most of Mother Nature’s help and stay far from her bad side. A bit of thoughtful planning will go a long way toward making your home a joyful space all year long.