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To see what sparks your interest, look up, down and all around.


Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere

Every time you pass through your kitchen, you get the itch to renovate. The countertops, faucet, flooring and cabinets are crying out to be refreshed. You’re excited about the prospect of starting from scratch with a whole new look, but it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. If you need inspiration for your design plan, here are some places you might not have considered. Remember to bring your camera along to document your favorite ideas.


Finding interior design ideas everywhere

Delta designers travel the world looking for inspiration for future kitchen and bath designs. You can do the same when visiting a city like Chicago (top) and while exploring places much closer to home.

Talk a Walk in Nature

Designers at Delta Faucet find inspiration everywhere, and you can, too. Spend time at a local botanical garden or nature trail and notice what colors and textures jump out at you. Delighted by the orange fish in a koi pond or the dreamy blue sky over a favorite lake? Digging the bark of a particular tree or the grain pattern of a wooden footbridge? The elements that captivate you most will help you determine your personal style.


Home project inspiration

If you have an opportunity to see inside an intriguing house in your neighborhood, make a note of any design elements you might want in your home.

Tour Interesting Homes Around Town

Most towns have historic buildings and homes. If they’re open to the public, these spaces can inspire and inform your next project. Look for local landmarks or cultural neighborhoods to uncover unique aesthetics and inspiration. Snap a photo of any décor you like as a reference to use when you shop for items to emulate the look.


Master bedroom renovation: Find inspiration

Hotel rooms can inspire a look for your own home. In a contemporary space, for example, a Trinsic® bathroom faucet and a contemporary bar faucet add sleek, modern elegance in a Champagne Bronze™ finish.

Admire the Style of Your Hotel Room

Here is another fantastic trend that makes it easy to discover what you love: Hotel rooms have become “shoppable” show rooms at places like 21c Museum Hotels (locations nationwide). These chic spaces feature art, furniture, fixtures and linens that you can enjoy for a night and then order for your own home. The beautifully styled room you admired on vacation can now be replicated, right down to the placement of the furniture.


Use local open houses to find new interior design ideas

Have a look around a local open house for ideas to take home. Maybe it has a nice blend of wood and stone textures or it mixes metals well. Emulate this style with a Trinsic® kitchen faucet in Matte Black and stainless steel appliances.

Check Out an Open House

You’ve driven past that gorgeous Victorian gingerbread house on your way to work a thousand times and have always wondered what it looks like on the inside. Open houses and home tours, especially popular around the holidays, are your opportunity to peep on the décor and stylings of homes in your town. If the owners are present, you can ask where they got that gorgeous chandelier or beverage cart.


Need interior design inspiration? Consider hiring a professional

Sometimes you need to enlist the help of an expert when designing your home.

Consult with a Designer

Do you feel as though you could use professional input on how to style your home? Want to know which kitchen floor plan might work best for your space? Some interior designers are available for quick consultations and can give you a fantastic starting point. You’ll benefit from the designer’s experience and come away with a more solid idea of how your project should look when finished.


A Beautiful World Is Waiting

Now that you know how and where to find inspiration, you’ll have lots of ideas at the ready for your next home renovation or remodel. Pay attention to your reaction to different styles and settings—your heart will flutter when you see something you love. Inventive and creative uses of space can easily be translated into your home, so keep your eyes peeled for your next design muse.

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Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere