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Here’s a handy guide to cleaning and home repairs.


Home maintenance checklist: Keeping your home clean, organized and working

Now may be the best time to deep clean your home and assess things that need preventive maintenance. Although a whole-house check can feel overwhelming, doing so will help improve day-to-day life in your home, help you avoid major repairs later and—perhaps most importantly—give you peace of mind.

Wondering where to start? Here is our home cleaning and repair checklist.


Printable home maintenance checklist

Download this PDF to help you as you clean and maintain your home—inside and out.



Start with appliances: The oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and garbage disposal all will need a deep scrub-down, which gives you a chance to also make sure that everything is working properly. Take the time now to address any necessary repairs. Next, clean the areas you can’t see that might not get as much attention in your regular cleaning routine, such as under appliances and on top of cabinets.


Bathroom maintenance: Printable home maintenance checklist

Part of your home maintenance, inspect for leaks and arrange for or make any repairs. If you’re eyeing a remodel, check out the Trinsic® sink faucet, freestanding tub faucet and shower head for the bath (above) and the Leland® pull-down faucet and matching pot filler for the kitchen (top).



Besides a thorough cleaning, check for leaks or clogs in the plumbing and gaps or discoloration in the grout. Wash your shower curtain and liner if you have them, and update your medicine cabinet by properly disposing of products and medications that have expired.


Living Areas

Begin by washing the floors, whether they’re hardwood or carpet. A full-floor waxing or steaming, respectively, can instantly make a room feel cleaner. Inspect and clean windows, sills and weather stripping. Check all moldings, baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures, dusting and cleaning when necessary. Replace smoke detector batteries and dead light bulbs.



Make sure walls, windows, ceiling fans and light fixtures are functional and clean. Flip or rotate your mattress if it’s been about six months, and switch to your next season’s bedding if the temperatures are changing. And don’t forget about a closet clean-out: Anything you haven’t worn in months, such as old clothes and items that don’t fit, can be donated.


Home maintenance: Laundry room tips

In the laundry room, give the dryer’s lint catcher a thorough cleaning and check for leaks. (photo: @rvhinteriordesign)


Laundry and Garage

Clean your washing machine by running an empty cycle with vinegar, check all hoses and investigate any leaking or faulty operation. Make sure the dryer lint trap is clear, and consider brushing out the vent hose. In the garage, organize tools, label storage boxes, and check that the door is sealed and the opener is in working order.



Inspect all exterior windows and doors for cracks, making necessary repairs, and if you have a deck, tighten any loose screws or bolts. Make sure your gutter is clear of leaves, sticks and other debris and that all trees are trimmed back from the roof.


Bonus! Design Check-In

After cleaning and maintaining your home, think about the design: Are you happy with how your home looks? If not, what areas would you like to improve? Make a list of rooms you want to renovate, then prioritize them. What can be done now, next month or next year? Let those decisions guide your interior design improvements until next year—when it’s time to revisit your home maintenance checklist all over again.