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Hot Beverage Ideas for Your Bar Cart

Admit it—you’re super excited for sweater weather. We are, too, and we’re ready to reinvent some of the spaces in our home to reflect fall’s arrival. The beverage cart is the perfect spot to start your home’s autumnal makeover. Here’s what you’ll need to make those drinks that comfort you on cool days and even cooler nights.

Grab a Cart: If you don’t have a bar cart, no worries. A small table or some space on top of a buffet will do. Just be sure to place a tray on top of your furniture to protect its finish.

Pumpkin-Spice Everything: Don’t be embarrassed. We’re pumpkin spice-obsessed, too. Add it to dark-roast coffee and teas like chai that scream “the leaves are changing.” If coffee and tea are not your thing, these drink recipes may work for you.

Beverage Dispenser: Coffee carafes are the perfect way to dispense and maintain hot beverages. Insulated pitchers work well with iced beverages, too. While many dispensers are silver, white or black, get in on a rich fall color such as gold or burgundy.

Garnish: Cue in the pumpkin-spice seasoning or your favorite nondairy creamer. Cinnamon sticks also work well for coffee and tea, providing the flavorful warmth you crave this time of year.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Some people like everything iced, no matter the weather. Accommodate them with a stylish ice bucket (leather would look great here) filled with cubes. If filling up ice trays is part of your routine, a beverage faucet, such as the Transitional faucet with Touch2O Technology, will make your ice prep even easier.

The Sweeter the Better: Whether you go for a powdered or liquid sweetener, don’t feel obligated to keep either in their original containers. Sugar bowls work well for any powdered sweetener, and glass storage bottles will elevate the agave you can’t live without.

Drink Wildly: Get creative—coffee mugs, teacups and saucers in colors like ochre or moss make your beverages even more festive. Glass jelly or canning jars work well for cold or hot beverages. Feeling especially creative? Invest in chic off-white latte bowls.

Flower Power: Everything needs a garnish, including your DIY bar cart. Let flowers be the decorative cherry on top. Fall blooms such as zinnias, marigolds and twinspur provide an exciting pop of color.

Snack Attack: You can’t have a fall beverage without something to nosh. We’re all about these fudge cakes. Feel free to bake a tray and send it to us.