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How to Incorporate These 6 Bathroom Trends

There’s no shortage of inspiration for creating your dream bathroom. From magazine articles and designer blogs to your neighbor who just completed a gorgeous renovation inspired by a recent vacation, it’s easy to find trends you want to make your own. How do you customize these trends for your home? Here’s a list of six styles with tips for how to make them work in your bathroom.


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Patterned Floor Tile

Tile bathroom floors are popular for a reason. They’re easy to clean and disinfect, and can make your bathroom appear pristine in bright white. For your next project, get inspired by patterned tile, especially if your walls and ceiling feature neutral colors without texture. Hand-painted tile is making a comeback, and it’s a great way to support local artists. Because no two tiles are exactly alike, you can create a look that’s visually interesting and all your own. If you prefer a standard tile, you can create texture with an interesting layout, like herringbone or basketweave.


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Full Wall Tile

Now that we’ve created a tile foundation, broaden your horizons and remember there’s more than the floor. The versatility of tile extends beyond just the walls of the shower. By mixing colors and patterns, you can create a stripe around the room, a lacy look with penny tile or a special alcove behind your bathtub. Bonus: By creating a continuous line of tile up from the floor, you can make a small bathroom seem larger.  


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Double Vanity

If your bathroom is a shared space, each person deserves his or her own vanity. A double vanity is versatile because it can be approached in many ways. If space is at a premium, two sinks can be fitted to a single vanity, and side-by-side mirrors will create separate spaces without taking up extra room. Another option is to separate the vanities with storage space in the middle—a great choice if you like the look of wood furniture in the bathroom. Whatever arrangement you choose, you’ll enjoy the luxury of having a sink and faucet that are your own.    


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Makeup Vanity

Speaking of luxury, adding a seated makeup vanity will make your time spent getting ready feel even more indulgent. A makeup vanity can be incorporated between a double vanity or as a stand-alone area in your bathroom. Task spaces like this are ideal for touches of personality, so add fresh flowers or a few attractive bottles of perfume. Ensure ample lighting and a magnifying mirror if you intend to use the space for makeup application.


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Gone are the days of hanging wallpaper in the bathroom only to have it peel off months later. Technology has finally caught up with this once-avoided décor, and you can purchase wallpaper that is specifically built to withstand steam. Create a dramatic look with an embellished or metallic paper. If your floors and ceiling are simple, add texture and visual interest with a bold geometric pattern. Remember that you aren’t limited to covering every surface; you can choose an accent wall and paint the others. 


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Teak Shower Floor

The floor of your shower might be the last place you think of when planning a renovation. You probably don’t even notice what you’re standing on while showering, but diverting from the traditional tile or fiberglass will add a spa-like feel. Opt for a tropical wood like teak, which can withstand all that water. Although teak is a bit pricier, you only need a few wood slats to create a gorgeous and eye-catching retreat in your shower.