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How to Increase Your Home’s Value

Updates and Renovations With a Return on Investment

Homeowners always have a few things they wish they could change about their abode. More bathrooms. A larger kitchen. More closet space. But with a limited budget and endless possibilities for home upgrades, how do you begin to narrow down the list of potential projects?

Here’s a great way to think about it: If you ever put your house up for sale, what upgrades will potential buyers care about the most? What changes can you make now that will increase the resale value later?

Unless a house hunter is looking for a “handyman’s special” (code for a house with a price below market that requires a lot of work), he or she is not likely to be interested in buying a home that will require a lot of upgrades.

First, make sure your home’s systems are in good working order. A solid roof, a reliable HVAC and a dry basement are basics that can’t be overlooked. If these aren’t up to par, your potential buyer won’t notice the stylish and modern touches you’ve added.

After the “must haves” are in order, turn your attention to the following places.

Get Cooking in the Kitchen

The kitchen in any home is a highly functional space where much time will be spent cooking, socializing and eating. In many markets, investing in your kitchen can pay back dividends if you eventually sell your home. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, you can feel good about upgrading your kitchen faucet (how about one of these?), prep areas (pot filler, anyone?), counters and floors. 

Design a Relaxing Bath

If you have only one bath, consider building a second bathroom. Having more than one bathroom is certainly convenient when you’ve got guests but is also guaranteed to up the amount of your home listing. If you’re not moving anytime soon, why not add upgrades that you’ll enjoy the most. Update your fixtures, add a new look to your shower door, upgrade your faucets, and consider a maximum flush, WaterSense labeled toilet. There’s a lot you can do to create a fantastic bathroom, even if you’ve got a minimal budget.

Entry/Landscaping With Curb Appeal

Nothing says “welcome home” like a bright, tidy and cheerful entryway. Make sure your front door, and any porch or portico around it, are sending a positive vibe to passersby. Update your landscaping so you feel proud to welcome neighbors, friends and family to your home. First impressions go a long way for house hunters, and a home you’re proud of will make you happy to be there.