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Whether you’re revamping a powder room or starting a master suite from scratch, you’ll need a bathroom faucet that fits. Here’s how to ensure the one you pick is The One.


Does the bathroom see heavy traffic? If it’s a morning gridlock zone, opt for a function-first faucet.
Who uses the bathroom faucet in your home? You’ll want a faucet that’s easy to turn on and off, particularly if elderly family members or kids are regular users. Hands-free models make it a cinch. Or opt for a single-handle faucet, which makes adjusting the water temperature a snap.
How deep is the sink? Smaller bathroom sinks need smaller fixtures (a faucet that’s too big will leave your countertop drenched). A vessel-style sink needs a faucet tall enough to crane over the bowl.
Picking out new countertops, too? Some counters are custom-drilled to match your faucet holes, so you’ll need to buy the faucet first.
What two words describe your bathroom’s style? You’ll want to tell your salesperson whether you’re aiming for industrial-chic or retro-glam.


• The thickness of the deck—that’s the sink or countertop, whatever your faucet will attach to.
• The number of holes in the deck.
• The spacing in inches between each hole, measured from the approximate center.


• Your measurements.
• A measuring tape.
• Any materials you plan to match the faucet’s finish with (such as cabinet hardware), and photos of your sink area. Shopping online? Send snapshots to your salesperson.


• Match the faucet finish to that of the bath or shower fixtures. If the sink is in a powder room, match it to the cabinet hardware instead. Most faucets are available in stainless steel, bronze and chrome, though those finishes aren’t identical from brand to brand.
• If you’re keeping your countertop, make sure the faucet won’t extend too far over the sink once it’s installed. The water stream should hit near the center of the basin or just behind it.
• Before you choose, find out whether a lifetime warranty covers the faucet. Most well-known brands offer them.
• Ask your salesperson about the longevity of the brand. You want to be sure the company will be in business down the line to honor that warranty.

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