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Ask yourself these questions to find what’s right for you.


Bathroom lighting: Choosing the right lighting for your space

There’s much to consider when brightening up a room, and lighting is an important detail. The right lights will not only let you see but will also give your space a serious style makeover. To ease the process of selecting the right light fixtures for your space, ask yourself these questions.


Bathroom light fixtures: Matching your bathroom finishes

If your bathroom already has warm tones, like wood counters and faucets with gold (above) or bronze (top) finishes, carry on the cohesive look by installing lighting fixtures of a similar feel. (above photo: @sonorandesertliving)


What finishes are already in the bathroom?

Think about the materials that already exist in your faucets, door hardware and towel bars. Do you want your lighting to match those finishes or complement them? For a cohesive feel, pick bathroom lighting fixtures that have the same look, such as warm gold tones. For a more contemporary, bold bathroom style, don’t be afraid to mix metals and finishes: Brushed finishes like Champagne Bronze™ and Stainless go together, reflective finishes like Chrome and Polished Brass pair well, and Matte Black blends with almost everything.


Bathroom lighting trends: Bathroom chandeliers

A bathroom with a high ceiling and open space fit for a freestanding tub and a freestanding tub faucet may look well balanced with a large chandelier. (photo: @kindredinteriors)


How much space do I have?

Consider the proportions of the bathroom. Big lighting fixtures in a tiny bathroom will look off-balance, as would diminutive sconces in an enormous space.


What type of lights will look best in my bath?

There is more to bathroom lighting than sconces above the mirror (although you’ll read about those fixtures later). Consider the following:


Bathroom fixtures: Bathroom chandeliers and decorative sconces

An elegant chandelier—paired nicely with a traditional-style bathroom faucet and roman tub faucet—can be a focal point of the room.


Chandeliers. These lighting fixtures can add an elegant and useful touch while also serving as a focal point of design. That said, big chandeliers can look bulky and make small rooms appear smaller, so make sure the chandelier is the right size for the room before installing.


Bathroom lighting trends: Pendant lighting

In bathrooms with high ceilings, pendants bring the light down to eye level. Color choice is key, too: For example, black stainless lights are at home in this contemporary gray-and-white space that includes stainless bathroom faucets and shower fixtures.


Pendants. They’ll give the room an extra dose of style and are great for spaces with high ceilings, because they bring the light down to your level.


Bathroom lighting fixtures

With the right design choices, sconce lighting fixtures can look as beautiful as they are functional. For example, a brushed brass finish will demand attention among sultry matte black wall-mount faucets, cabinet pulls and a freestanding tub faucet.


Accent Lighting and Sconces. Installed over mirrors and vanities at face height, they’re useful for daily tasks like shaving and applying makeup.


Bathroom lighting: Ceiling lights in the shower

Flush-mounted ceiling lights tuck away to let your other design elements—like a shower head, hand shower and roman tub faucet in compelling chrome—bathe in the spotlight.


Flush-Mounted Ceiling LED Fixtures. These space savers are great for illuminating the shower area.


What do I need to bring to the store when purchasing lighting?

Come to the store with notes and pictures of the faucets, finishes and other décor elements in your bathroom so you can better visualize what potential lighting fixtures might look like in the space. To make sure the new lighting fixtures will fit well, bring a tape measure and refer to any measurements you took of your bath.


If you are thinking of updating other areas of your bathroom, this bathroom measurement guide will help with the space planning. For the best décor ideas, these bathroom design trends should provide plenty of inspiration.