Ideas to create comfort and joy for visitors

If company is coming to stay, you can create a truly accommodating experience by putting a little thought into their environment. Here are a few ways to extend hospitality and be a thoughtful host.

  • Tidy up. Take this opportunity to tidy any clutter you’ve been meaning to clear out and finally finish that redecorating project. Give common areas and the guest room a thorough cleaning. Open your front door and walk through your home with fresh eyes to view it as a guest.
  • Nibbles and sips. Before they arrive, ask your guests their preferences for snacks and beverages. Keep these on hand and let them know they’re welcome to help themselves. You might also want to place a few bottles of water or snacks in the guest room so they don’t have to go searching for a midnight snack.
  • Sleep easy. Be sure you have what you’d hope to see when you check into a hotel: fluffy pillows, clean sheets, and extra pillows and blankets. Launder the linens before guests arrive; sheets can start to smell stale if they go unused. 
  • Tech savvy. Put a card on the nightstand with your Wi-Fi password, and make sure alarm clocks are properly set. If you don’t often enter your guest room, make sure lightbulbs and remote controls are working. 
  • Bath time. Think back to your most positive hotel experience, and set out a few toiletries in case your guests have forgotten something. Making soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion readily available could save your guest from having to ask or make a special trip to the store. Place several rolls of extra toilet paper in plain sight. 
  • Gracious welcome. Depending on the time of their arrival, have a lamp on in the guest room that creates a welcoming glow. You could also place a few battery-operated candles or a night-light in the bathroom. Add a few fresh flowers to the nightstand and offer magazines for reading in case they are early risers or night owls. 
  • Above and beyond. Set out everything they’ll need to make coffee or tea in the morning in case they’re up before you, and leave a little note explaining where to find the sugar and cream. If your guests are staying several days, offer them access to your laundry so they can go home with clean clothes.

Thinking about what positive experiences you’ve had as a guest is a great way to create ways to make a good impression as a host. When you remember feeling truly welcome and comfortable in someone else’s home, what stood out to you? It doesn’t take much; little touches around your home can subtly say that you’re so happy that your guests come to visit. Learn to anticipate their needs and your guests will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.