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When it comes to design, tastes and ideals ebb and flow with the fickleness of fashion, but one thing is universal: Good design is timeless and independent of trends. Whether it’s midcentury modern or bold art deco, personal taste is the spin that makes these and any other interior design style work.
For the noncommittal among us who like to redecorate their homes on a whim, home décor trends allow us to explore new ideas, knowing fresh inspiration is just down the pike. Rejuvenating your interior is invigorating. For those planning to stick to an interior design plan for an extended time, trends may be the wrong approach. Enduring pieces and classic designs will always be appropriate.
We encourage you to be unbound by interior design trends. Embrace what you love and go for it. If two seemingly dissimilar design styles speak to you, take a chance, combine the looks into one and incorporate the new blend into your home. Mix texture and pattern in doses that feel best to you; maybe you want hints of color, maybe you want a splash. Bring a shiplap wall into your space just because you love it, and keep mixing those metals—once a trend, it’s working its way toward becoming a classic.

Trends are merely ideas—there is nothing finite about them. Mixing genres is no longer anathema to design. We’ve all been obsessed with certain design trends. The trick is knowing when to run with them and when to run away.
Below are some of our favorite classic design elements and their trendy counterparts. Pick the style that makes you happy, or mix and match to add some flair to your home.

Faucets and finishes:

We love the design steadiness of faucet fixtures in finishes like Chrome and Stainless, as they will always look stunning in any design environment. That said, fixtures truly accessorize a room, so there’s no reason not to go all out. Matte Black and Champagne Bronze fixtures started as trends but are quickly striding into classic territory. Both bold tones come in faucet styles that push forward the boundaries of design. Our favorites include AraTrinsicAddison and Cassidy.


Wall color:

We love the simplicity and flexibility of cream, white, taupe and light gray. These shades look appropriate in any room, but wall colors are a nice opportunity to really turn up the heat. Why not explore colors that pop (like this one) or invest in conversation-starting wallpaper?



Glass is a pretty standard accessories material, from decorative bowls to vases. Switch it up by choosing pottery or marble vessels for a more modern edge. Mix textures and genres to create the environment that makes you rejoice.