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It’s a Potty-Training Toilet Seat! It’s a Night-Light! It’s Both!

A toilet seat that can guide you through the night and smooth out potty-training logistics? Um, yes, please!

What is it?

Delta toilet seats with NightLight are just that. The soft blue glow serves as a beacon for middle-of-the-night pit stops and saves you from having to switch on the glaring overhead lights. The Sanborne potty-training elongated toilet seat with NightLight takes things a step further with the addition of a child-size ring that lifts out of the way for grown-ups—it’s two seats in one. That means there’s no need for that separate padded (and germy) ring to be floating around your bathroom.

And after potty-training is (finally) over? What then?

The potty-training ring is removable, so you can transition to a traditional toilet seat setup but keep the nightlight.

OK, but what if I don’t need to worry about potty training?

First of all, lucky you! Second of all, go with the Sanborne elongated toilet seat with NightLight. You’ll get the soft blue glow and all the other benefits, without the potty-training seat.

Tell me more about the NightLight feature.

No need to find an outlet; the light runs on four AA batteries, which last up to six months. The self-activating timer—nine hours on, 15 hours off—ensures that no precious energy is wasted. Simply pop the batteries in when you’d like to start the on cycle. But what really makes NightLight clutch is the fact that the glow works whether the seat is up or down.

Any other bells and whistles?

You know it! The slow-close seat means no slamming; the quick-release feature means easy cleaning; and the NoSlip seat bumpers mean no wobbling or shifting.