Cool down and get creative with this fun food craft

The heat’s crept up on you, eh? And now school’s out (August is how far away, you say?), and the children are bored. Sweaty, already-over-it kids plus time to kill is a worrisome combo. What to do? Paint popsicles.

Now, now—before your “THAT SOUNDS TOO MESSY” alarm goes off, know this: The “mess” is minimal—and edible. (We call that a #HappiMess.) 

Paper & Stitch blogger and founder Brittni Mehlhoff dreamed up the project after creating—get this—watermelon-painted doughnuts. And this kid-friendly craft is even easier (and quicker): Make some simple lemonade-based Popsicles, and after they’re frozen, set out brushes and food coloring “paint” and let the little ones do their best Monet. You’ll end up with vibrant, tasty artwork and—perhaps more important—cooled-down kids (with colorful tongues). Play the “Frozen” soundtrack at your own risk.