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Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Gone are the days when cherry wood cabinets and stainless-steel appliances were the standard in kitchen design. Today’s kitchen trends are thought-provokingly modern yet respectably timeless. Here, the Delta design team shares its favorite new ideas. Check out this list before planning your kitchen renovation, or pluck one or two options to give your kitchen a light refresh. Whatever you choose, we’re sure the results will be spectacular—and on trend. 

Kitchen Design Trends: Inviting Colors

Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet
(above and top)

Color Cool:
Playing it safe no longer means selecting dark kitchen cabinets or plain granite countertops. Today’s kitchens welcome warm, inviting, minimalist shades like white and gray. All-white kitchens provide a clean, inviting palette for colorful accessories while still looking fresh and uncluttered (for proof, just take a peek at the one in the Southern Living Idea House 2017). Gray cabinets—modern, sleek and alluring—are also the new timeless. We love when they’re paired with Champagne Bronze fixtures. Speaking of finishes, Matte Black still reigns supreme—the finish feels innovative and rather cool. If you’re not sure about making the move to Matte Black, consider its new, equally hot (Delta-exclusive) sibling: Black Stainless. 

Kitchen Trends: Mixing Materials


Mateo Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology


Mixing Materials:
While everyone went wild for mixing metals (a trend we still love), those in the know have been blending a variety of textures to create a design palette that feels worldly and fresh. Think concrete countertops or flooring, shiplap-covered walls, reclaimed wood open shelves and stone tiles—we want it all.
Island Time:
As the ultimate mixed-use space, it stands to reason that the kitchen island’s importance in the home makes it the best candidate for our next trend: refining the island. No more sharp, angular edges—rounded and more sculptural corners are in vogue. The result is a softened approach that looks less like a slab of stone and more like a place where you can’t wait to pull up and engage. If your home is like ours, the center island has always been the hub of the kitchen—it’s the place where meals are eaten, homework is completed and everyone hangs out. (Need help choosing a countertop? Head here for our buying guide.)

2018 Kitchen Design Trends: Quartz Countertops
Trinsic Pro Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology and



Trinsic Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet

Counter Culture:
Less is certainly more when it comes to countertop trends. If anything can break the granite countertop habit, it’s the quartz countertop trend. Quartz countertops rule the roost, especially in neutral shades like gray, white, taupe and cream. The look is intentionally simpler and less complicated. Subtle patterns and mellow detail make a strong minimalist impact in a variety of kitchen styles.
Get Smart:
Make your kitchen work harder for you by making it work smarter. Appliances like refrigerators with internet connectivity and touch screens make daily life more convenient. Take the innovations even further: Think faucets with Touch2O or ShieldSpray Technology.

Kitchen Design Trends: Ceramic Wood Tile Floors


Esque Pull-Down Bar / Prep Faucet with Touch2O Technology,


Contemporary Pot Filler and Esque Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet featuring Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technologies

Wood Wonders:
Hardwood floors are often at the top of homeowners’ must-have lists, but if your home doesn’t already have them, real ones can be expensive to install and prone to scratches. Enter the latest trend: ceramic tiles that mimic the look of hardwood. Ceramic floors are more durable than wood, removing your worries about moisture, temperature or sharp objects damaging your floor. They look so much like real wood, we don’t think anyone will be the wiser.