Celebrating with friends, cooking with family and enjoying time together—these are likely the most pleasurable occasions you spend at home. Cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing, although important, are probably not high on your list of fun things to do. Faucets with SpotShield technology have been helping to keep kitchens and bathrooms cleaner, and now the protection is available in two more Delta collections: Leland for the kitchen and Dryden for the bathroom.


The Leland Collection blends modern styling and functionality to create a timeless style. It includes a variety of single-handle pull-down faucets as well as a beverage faucet and bar/prep faucets, some available with Touch2O Technology to help prevent the spread of dirt and messes. The addition of SpotShield makes Leland a more water- and fingerprint-resistant faucet, and antimicrobial protection of the finish fights stain-and-odor causing germs.Spotshield-Leland_Dryden_Article-Small.jpg

“Love the … SpotShield finish. I don’t know what’s in our water but I know it’s hard on faucets. After only using the faucet for a short time I can tell that the SpotShield finish is the greatest thing since sliced bread.” – Handyman1

SpotShield technology is now also available in the Dryden bath collection, which features clean lines and geometric forms derived from the styles of the art deco period. This simple yet sophisticated design is available in single-handle and two-handle designs, and can be mounted to a sink or wall. Dryden with SpotShield ensures that you’ll spend less time cleaning your bathroom sink to remove fingerprints and water spots. 

“Perfect: The SpotShield technology makes it look new all the time. Worth the money you pay; you will not be disappointed.” – Vishjs


If you’re looking for a stylish and time-saving addition to your kitchen and bath, look no further than the Leland and Dryden collections with SpotShield. Together, they perfectly blend beautiful form and functionality that will enhance your enjoyment of your home.

Check out this video to learn more about SpotShield Technology.