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MagnaTite Docking: May the Force Be with You

Learn how a magnet reinvented the kitchen pull-down sprayer

What is it?

MagnaTite® spray-head docking is a smart technology from Delta that makes the kitchen faucet pull-down spray wand dock snugly back into place when not in use. The secret? A super-strong magnet placed inside the sprayer and spout.

How does it work?

Use a gentle tug to pull out the detachable spray wand and you’re good to go to rinse vegetables, dishes, the sink, your miniature poodle—whatever needs cleaning. When you’re finished and start to put the wand back into the dock, an embedded, power-hungry magnet immediately snaps the wand into place. It practically pulls it right out of your hand!

Why is this technology a big deal?

In the olden days, wands would lose their snap after a while—they tended to sadly hang down, like the branches on a Christmas tree in mid-January. Turns out the mechanical fingers with plastic inserts that were being used would wear out.

Sounds annoying.

It was. Users would have to physically push upward to get the sprayer back in place or else it would continue to hang. Wrestling moves were practically a prerequisite. A few choice expletives were also helpful.

So no more droopy sprayers?

Correct. Unless you’re a basset hound, no one needs a droopy anything in his or her life.