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Make a Man Cave in Four Easy Steps

Your bracket is locked and loaded. But where will you watch the action? Create a temporary b-ball-watching sanctuary just in time for tipoff.

You can't watch the tournament of all tournaments in just any old place. You’ll want a secluded spot where you can jump (and yell and curse) in peace. We're talking, of course, about a man cave. If you don't have a go-to room of your own, here's how to set up a temporary sanctuary in four simple steps.

1. Select the Space

The living room or family room is certainly comfortable, but remember, the goal here is isolation—and not irritating the family members who don't happen to be obsessed with the Big Dance. Instead, try your basement, office (assuming it's not frequently used) or a spare bedroom. If your quarters are small, make sure your television is the right size—it is actually possible to have a TV that's too big. (There are charts to help you figure out the right ratio.) Finally, be sure you've got a strong Wi-Fi signal so you can follow all the off-the-court drama online.

2. Get Comfy

This is not the time for hard-as-a-rock folding chairs. Move in your trusty recliner, a beanbag chair or a love seat. Recessed lighting fixtures on dimmer switches create ideal basketball-watching conditions, but for a quick fix, try a small lamp with a 40-watt bulb and put a blackout shade over the window.

3. Stock Up

A mini fridge or cooler packed with your favorite drinks will allow you to cut down on kitchen runs—and the chance of missing The Shot. Snacks are essential, but whether you choose to serve chips out of a basketball-shaped bowl or eat M&Ms in your team's colors is your call.

4. Add a Few Extras

To keep you and any guests entertained during lulls and commercial breaks, bring in reinforcements in the form of console or handheld video games, card decks, 3-D puzzles and tactile toys (a Slinky, a Rubik’s cube, squishy balls—check your kids’ rooms for a few options).