Generations ago, you had to get by with a few simple tools for cooking: a rolling pin, sifter, spoons and glass mixing bowls. Items created for a specialized task were hard to find, and people got inventive with their cooking. Times have changed, and every year new gadgets are invented, many of which can pull double duty in the kitchen. These multiuse kitchen tools will make you wonder how you got on without them:

Multi-chopper: By swapping the slicers on this single device, you can create wavy, straight cut or julienne fruits, veggies and cheeses. Bonus points if you get one with a juicer and storage container with lid.

Pasta pot: Eliminate the need to drag out the colander when you cook pasta by purchasing a pasta pot with a built-in strainer. The locking, integrated strainer lid makes draining a cinch. 

Egg slicer: Assign new duties to items you already own. A sturdy egg slicer can also be a helpful tool for slicing mushrooms, strawberries, shallots and more.

Batter dispenser: Say goodbye to messy spills on your muffin tin and hello to precise pours. A batter dispenser with a squeeze handle lets you perfectly portion batter for cupcakes, pancakes, muffins, brownies and more, eliminating the need to use extra mixing bowls and spatulas. 

Over-the-sink straining board: Combine your cutting board with a collapsible silicon strainer. The strainer folds flat inside the board for easy storage and fits over your sink for rinsing fruits and veggies. 

Cheese grater: Consider the possibilities of this common kitchen item: each of the four sides produces a different kind of cut. You can shred, grate, zest and slice all with one item! To save space, look for one that folds flat.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can start to look around your kitchen and may discover that many of your tools can serve multiple functions. Using tools that serve more than one function can keep your counters and drawer space from becoming cluttered. What items serve double-duty in your kitchen? Share your ideas with us and find more kitchen inspiration on our social channels.