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National Home Improvement Month

DIY projects that take an hour, an afternoon, a weekend...

Whether you’re trying to catch the eye of your town’s beautification board or bring your house up to code, National Home Improvement Month is a great time to take stock! Here are some DIY home improvement projects you can do to make a difference in May, even if your time and budget are limited.

If You Have an Hour

  • Install a new H2Okinetic shower head and start saving on water. It's a 20-minute project, tops, and you'll want one in every bathroom!

  • Create a list of the projects you’d like to accomplish in the next year. You’ve got to start somewhere!  

  • Put on some dance music, grab some dusters and clean all of the blinds and fan blades in the house. Once everything is dusted, run the vacuum to pick up those bunnies!

If You Have an Afternoon

  • Get outside and give your green space some TLC. Plant some flowers or vegetables and tidy up the front of your house and yard to make sure passersby take note (in a good way). It can also help to boost your curb appeal.

  • Tackle that junk drawer and find some new storage solutions for one of your most cluttered spaces. A clean kitchen is an efficient kitchen, plus once you've stored, tossed or donated appliances you don't use, you'll have space for updated new appliances you'll love!

  • Update your drawers and cabinets with new hardware that showcases your personal style. If you're looking for something vintage or funky, you can search through antique shops.

  • Install new faucets in your bath to add a modern, elegant touch to your most lived-in spaces. 

If You Have a Weekend

  • Let there be light! Update the lighting fixtures throughout your house, making sure all bulbs are energy efficient. Adding light to dark spaces can change the entire look of a room. Just be sure to turn off the power at the breaker box before touching any wiring.

  • Spend some time outside adding new planters, flowers or trees to your yard. Place flagstones to create a patio that doesn’t require mortar. Add new outdoor furniture, make a pitcher of lemonade and enjoy your outdoor paradise all summer! 

  • Consider converting your wet bar into a hot beverage station, or get ready for summer and turn it into smoothie central!