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New Year’s Wish List for Making Your Home Smarter

Innovations in safety, comfort and enjoyment

When you’re dreaming of updates to make to your home this year, modern conveniences are likely near the top of your list. With so many smart and connected devices becoming available each year, the possibilities for upgrading your home are seemingly endless. Smart technologies have made their way into our kitchens, bathrooms and throughout the rest of the house. Here’s a list of items that will enhance your enjoyment of your home in the new year.  

Where There’s Smoke

Keeping your family safe has always been a top priority, and with the evolution of smart technology, it’s easier than ever. Smart smoke detectors send an alert to your phone or tablet if there’s anything to report, and some can even screen for carbon dioxide and general air quality. Aside from saving your life, you can also potentially save on your home insurance premium if you install one of these devices. Best of all, there’s no need to disable them if you’re just frying bacon in the kitchen; they can tell the difference and won’t make a sound unless it’s truly an emergency.

Delta Leak Detector


Leaks can happen anywhere. Every day in the U.S., 14,000 people experience water damage at home or work, creating a massive insurance claim cost. Get smart and head leaks off at the pass by placing a Delta Leak Detector, designed in conjunction with iDevices, near a water source to monitor and identify the presence of unwanted dripping or pooling water. If your hot water heater, kitchen sink or appliances start to leak, an alert will be sent to your connected smartphone. These versatile, always-on detectors will give you peace of mind, especially when you’re not home.

Let There Be Light

The lighting in your home takes up about 12 percent of your total annual energy costs, according to Energy Star. If you want to reduce your bill and add technology that makes your home more energy efficient, consider upgrading to smart lighting. You can control the brightness and power the lights on and off via your phone. You can even program lights to automatically turn off when you’re not home, so you don’t have to worry if you leave without shutting them off. Some lighting comes with programmable motion detectors that can increase home security. Numerous options are available, many of which estimate annual energy savings of 60 percent.

Touch2O.xt Technology


Gone are the days of having to touch the bathroom faucet to start the flow of water. With Delta Touch2O.xt Technology, simply wave your hand within a 4-inch detection field and voila! The water turns on and will run for up to two minutes before automatically shutting off. If you have young children, this product means you’ll save on water and avoid incidents where the faucet is turned on and then forgotten. Because this technology uses capacitance instead of an infrared sensor, you can rest assured that it will work every time. 

Smart Thermostats

Remember the old dial thermostats you grew up with? They were confusing to use and could be hard to decipher. Newer models that use smart technology have made it easier to create a comfortable environment. Some models can even detect if you’re at home (to adjust the air temperature to your preference) or away (to turn the temperature down and save energy).  

H2Okinetic Showers


Water conservation is about more than just saving money; it’s also about saving a precious resource from going down the drain. Enter the Delta H2Okinetic shower head. Through the science of fluidics, the water comes out in motion to create a warmer, more drenching shower experience. Each shower head and hand shower contains an internal system to control the speed, movement and droplet size of the water. If you love a high-pressure shower and want to keep that feeling despite lower flow rates, upgrade your shower with this innovation. 

Keeping your home current with technological innovations is smart not only because of the safety features, environmental benefits and creature comforts. It’s also wise because it could pay dividends if you’re planning to sell your home. Potential buyers, especially those who are tech savvy, will be impressed by your connected home. Whether you plan to sell or simply make upgrades that your family will enjoy, making your home smarter will make you feel smarter, too.