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Trust us—it comes in handy for more than making pasta


Sure, a pot filler and a stockpot go together like PB&J. It’s love at first sight. But install one of these handy faucets above your stove, and you’ll use it for more than just spaghetti night. Here are the nine times it’ll earn its keep.

1. You want a spot of tea. Swing that baby over the kettle and fill ’er up.

2. Fresh flowers are happening NOW. With a pot filler, there’s no awkward maneuvering of the vase to get it under the spout.

3. Every morning you curse the fact that you have to carry your coffee pot so far to fill it up. Coffee pot near the stove? Now, so is your water source.

4. Your houseplants are parched. Your watering can is easily filled under a pot-filler faucet. Also, is it just us, or are you also a little weird about setting something in the sink (your watering can) that isn’t going to be washed later (the bottom of your watering can). I mean, have you seen all the things that go down the drain?!

5. It’s the holidays, which means it’s mashed potato season. Carrying all that water plus potatoes from the sink to the stove? Nobody wants to do that.

6. A family hike means A LOT of water bottles. The task speeds by, thanks to the fast flow rate (it’s 4 gallons per minute for Delta Faucet pot fillers).

7. It’s your turn to fill up the humidifier. You love the benefits, but not the part where you try to cram it under the bathroom faucet.

8. Another canning season is upon you, and those jars aren’t going to sterilize themselves. Fill, boil, repeat.

9. Someone is hogging the sink. A pot filler is a workaround than can save relationships.