Romantic decorating ideas for every room of the house

If you haven’t squeezed in a date night in months, bring the romance home. Here, the easy design tips that’ll sweep you both off your feet.

In the Kitchen: Come-Hither Color

Color psychologists say red increases hunger, heightens emotions and escalates the heartbeat, so if you want to seduce your sweetheart and get him to eat his veggies, bring some rouge into the kitchen. If you can handle the heat, go full-on fiery with crimson cabinetry in an ultra-mod lacquer. Or keep it subtle and add scarlet tableware—or a red-hot faucet like Delta Faucet’s Fuse Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in stainless and chili pepper. The finishing touch? Two glasses of pinot noir.

In the Living Room: Mood Lighting

As romantic as a New Girl marathon may be, the glow of the TV isn’t particularly seductive. Turn off the tube and flick on the fireplace, or light a cluster of candles. Looking for a long-term fix? Tinker with your existing lighting by switching off or dimming any harsh overhead lights. And play with new bulbs: Baby-pink ones emit a flattering, barely blush light; silver-tipped bulbs redirect light to reduce glare; low-watt versions cast softer light (and double as energy-savers).

In the Bathroom: A Steamier Shower

Baths for two only work in the movies, but it never hurts to, um, conserve water by showering a deux. Configure the stall with dual showerheads, body jets and sprays featuring H20kinetic Technology, which make showers feel warmer and more luxurious.

In the Bedroom: The Softer Side

Cozy up the boudoir with delicate textures—but skip the sateen sheets. Instead, make up the bed with high-thread-count linens in a percale weave. The tight plait has a smooth, luxe feel without the shiny slickness. Then, swap your bulky bedspread for a plush throw and top with overstuffed pillows and faux-fur cushions. Now kill those lights.