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Organize your bathroom

Decorating and organizing a small bathroom is a common design challenge, especially when you’re dealing with a space that’s cramped, poorly lit and lacks storage. Thankfully, you don’t need a bigger bathroom to solve these woes—you just need a better use of space, one designed to meet your needs or your family’s and to clear the clutter from the sink, medicine cabinet and shower.

Small Bathroom Designs: Space Appropriate Furnishings

Ara Wall Mount Channel Bathroom Faucet (above); Linden Bathroom Faucet, Linden H2Okinetic Tub & Shower, Classic 400 Curved Bathtub, Classic 400 Curved Bathtub Shower Door and Prelude Round Front Toilet (top)

Outer Space
The goal is to have the small bathroom navigate like a larger one, so evaluate the room based on the reality of its size. Unless you knock down a wall and combine two spaces to create a large spa bath, you’ll have to provide size-appropriate furnishings. If a full remodel is not in your future, start by committing to enhancing the room that already exists.
If your bathroom is old, the original tub and shower may be clunky compared to the streamlined versions available today. Consider removing the tub and having only a shower—a barrier-free shower will make the space look bigger. If having a tub is nonnegotiable, how about adding a sliding glass shower door to go above the tub? This is a lower-cost solution and will open up the space visually.

Organize Your Bathroom: Declutter Your Counter Tops by Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet


Lahara Two-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet 


Vanity Victory
Get a smaller vanity, preferably one that doubles as storage, if multiple people use this bathroom. If storage is not a concern, a minimalist floating vanity will prevent the bathroom from looking uncomfortably full. Keeping counters clear of product clutter will be crucial to helping your bathroom function at a higher level, so add that medicine cabinet above the vanity.

Small Bathroom Design: Optimizing your space.jpg

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet
Organizing your medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There’s no need to keep products you aren’t using front and center in the cabinet. Store them and other infrequently used medicinal products in the linen closet or an under-the-sink drawer (secured with a childproof lock, if necessary). This will free up space in your newly organized medicine cabinet for the things you use every day, like toothpaste, shaving cream and makeup. By organizing your medicine cabinet, you can declutter your countertop, too.

Small Bathroom Organization: Nifty Nooks

Nifty Nooks
Never ignore a nook or wonky space in a bathroom. A few well-placed shelves can turn that odd location into valuable shelf storage. Pare down your products and get rid of the old/unused/expired ones. Only store what you actually need. Donate or recycle the excess. 

Small Bathroom Design: Mind Your Colors


Everly Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Careful Colors
A monochromatic palette could go a long way in making this bathroom feel larger than it actually is. Whether you choose a pale, elegant gray across the wall and tile, or a dramatic dark, rich color like navy or red, keeping the shades consistent will add fluidity.

Small Bathroom Design: Add Lighting and Brighten the Room

Cassidy Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Let There Be (More) Light
Light is one of the most important details required to make a small space look bigger, so leave your bathroom window uncovered (as long as privacy isn’t an issue) and welcome in natural light. Hang a chandelier or another powerful fixture to provide additional light and a dramatic focal point so that the size of the bathroom isn’t the first thing noticed. 

Small Bathroom Designs: Keep it Clean

Dryden Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Come Clean
Small bathrooms don’t allow for mess or clutter, as anything extraneous or out of place can make the room appear a mess, so keep the space pristine. To make the job easier, incorporate technology. For a cleaner faucet, choose one with SpotShield Technology. Finishes with SpotShield resist water spots and fingerprints. Touch2O.xt Technology could be helpful as well, as water flow on faucets with this innovation is activated simply by putting your hands near the faucet. In the shower, Touch-Clean spray holes on shower heads and hand showers make cleaning calcium and lime buildup a breeze—simply swipe your fingers over the spray holes.
Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways to make your small bathroom work for you and your family. For additional bathroom ideas, here are five ways to transform your small bathroom into a larger space or fun ways to design a small, bold bathroom.