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Our Favorite Messy World Records

If you’re gonna make a mess, you might as well make it big

Thousands have tried, many have failed, but a relentless few have been victorious in earning a spot in the world-record books for making a giant mess. A dozen of our favorite records won by making a big ol’ HappiMess, below.

Most Juice Extracted from Grapes by Treading

Move over, Lucy and Ethel: Back in 2004, South Africans Gabriel Jonker and Ryno van Zyl successfully stomped 110 pounds of grapes in two minutes, squeezing out more than 37 pints of juice. Whether the fruits of their labor became literal toe jam, we’ll never know.

Most Coconuts Smashed with Elbows

Even if you practiced fist-pumping all summer at the Jersey Shore, you probably couldn’t beat tae kwon do pro Edin Kajevic’s record for elbow-smashing coconuts. An American previously held the record, having cracked 21 coconuts in one minute. Then, in May 2015, more than 1,000 spectators cheered on Kajevic in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as he elbowed 40 coconuts in 60 seconds, smashing (sorry) the world record—and getting a moisturizing coconut-water facial in the process.

Most People Blowing Chewing-Gum Bubbles Simultaneously

In 2014, 737 Spaniards at a nightclub simultaneously blew gum bubbles. Etiquette columnists everywhere remain annoyed.

Most Apples Held in Mouth and Cut by Chainsaw in One Minute

It’s not the simplest way to make applesauce, but Johnny Strange holds apples in his mouth and then brings a chainsaw (while it’s running!) up to his face and rips ’em straight through. At a 2013 tattoo festival, he cut through eight apples in one minute.

Biggest Meat Pie

Back in 1998, 17 U.K. catering students assembled the world’s largest meat pie in a container 32 feet long, 2 feet deep and more than 7 feet wide. The recipe called for 12,125 pounds of beef, 3,086 pounds of diced ox kidneys, 1,653 pounds each of mushrooms and onions, plus thousands of pounds of seasonings and beef stock; the cooks topped it off with 1,800 pounds of rolled pastry. Yum?

Largest Cake Sculpture

To make a 16-inch-thick cake measuring about 40 feet by 32 feet, bakers used 8,360 eggs and 1,146 pounds each of flour and sugar. They then decorated the finished cake with a landscape scene. To break the record, the whole thing had to be eaten, so 12,000 Londoners graciously obliged, donating to the Make-a-Wish foundation to score their piece. U.K. dish-soap brand Fairy Liquid led the charge—and washed all 12,000 plates.

Most Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Eaten in One Minute

American Patrick Bertoletti inhaled six PB&Js in one minute at a suburban Chicago studio in 2012. Mothers everywhere pleaded, “HONEY, DON’T EAT SO FAST!”

Largest Pancake

The world’s biggest pancake was flipped via crane in the U.K. back in 1994. The flapjack was 1-inch thick, more than 49 feet in diameter and weighed 6,614 pounds. What, no chocolate chips?

Most Canned Drinks Opened by a Parrot

In 2012, California bird Zac the Macaw pecked open 35 canned beverages in one minute. Zac’s no stranger to notable achievements: He also holds the record for most basketballs slam-dunked by a parrot.

Largest Gelatin Mosaic

Because there’s nothing more patriotic than creating a gelatin replica of your country’s flag, a group of students from the Imperial College Singapore Society, in London, used 16,125 pieces of set jelly (that’s Brit-speak for gelatin) to depict the Singaporean flag. The mosaic measured 42 feet by 65 feet.

Largest Fingerprint Painting

More than 13,000 customers at 17 different Ario shopping centers in Japan fingerpainted 102 parts used in one giant piece of art; on May 6, 2015, in Tokyo, the parts were joined together to form the world’s biggest fingerprint painting, measuring 1,837 square feet.

Most Eggs Crushed with a Kick in One Minute

Sometimes a record-making win comes with a bit of heartbreak. The good news: In 2014, MMA fighter Cung Le earned the world record for crushing eggs, with 45 eggs kicked in a minute. The bad: He actually kicked 48 eggs, but three strangely resilient eggs didn’t break.